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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by Ryan0751, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Ryan0751

    Ryan0751 Forum Member

    There are a number of controller/hybrid device on the market now that not only support MIDI, but also HID (human interface device) mode such as the Denon HC-5500, HC-4500, the Pioneer CDJ-400, etc.

    I'm wondering if NI has plans to add HID support for these devices in the future (or already has?).

    I know a lot of people use MIDI, and that's fine. But there are problems with that... for example, with the CDJ-400 the pitch slider isn't accurate enough with MIDI, the display goes dead, and there's noticeable latency and quirkiness trying to map everything out with MIDI alone.

    I just helped a friend get his CDJ-400's working in native HID mode with Serato (the latest public beta, along with the latest beta firmware for the CDJ's) and the end result is fantastic.

    • There's no noticieable latency or lag. It's more accurate than using timecode CD's.
    • The display show the track name, time remaining, etc.
    • The loop buttons are all mapped to loop using the software's loop (which is much more accurate than looping the timecode signal when using timecode CD's)
    • Even the light ring around the platter rotates properly

    The only stinky thing is that Serato doesn't let you use the soundcard in the CDJ-400 itself... you must use the SL-1. I wouldn't even mind if they merely required the SL-1 to be connected, it just seems silly that you could have a single cable going from the CDJ to your mixer for both Serato and real CD's.

    I certainly hope NI is planning on supporting these decks in this mode. I'd love to have my 2 1200's running timecode, and 2 Pioneer decks that can play CD's or have super accurate control of the software as well...

    Of course there's the whole issue of licensing and such, and whether this support should be added to Traktor Scratch or Traktor Studio...
  2. zathej

    zathej Forum Member


    info anyone?
  3. bikkembergz

    bikkembergz Forum Member

    I think that if Native Instruments don't DO anythings.....many users goest to Serato....
  4. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

  5. brainstorm2001

    brainstorm2001 Forum Member

    i'm agree

    I'm agree with you "Ryan0751", i'm using one Audio 8 DJ with my Numark ICDX and with the Numark CUE/VDJ software works perfect!, I have the Traktor LE registered version and i want to upgrade to tracktor 3.4 but i didn't because i can't control the traktor with my ICDX and i really like the ICDX, it works great.

    I think if NI add HID support in the future a lot of people will move to Traktor.
  6. brainstorm2001

    brainstorm2001 Forum Member

    HID to MIDI conversor

    Maybe should be one good idea to try to make one HID to MIDI converter with Max/MSP/Jitter.

    similar to multicontrol:
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