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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR Archives' started by philbeat, Nov 12, 2002.


What is your prefered interface with Traktor?

  1. Midi controller + Custom Keyboard Layout

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  2. Analogue Mixer + Custom Keyboard Layout

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  3. Analogue Mixer + Turntables (FS)

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  4. Just a mouse & keyboard

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  1. philbeat

    philbeat Guest

    Hello Guys i have Traktor dj studio legally buyed at the Vobis Store in Siegen at march 2001 But i have lost the package of the cd so i dont have the serial number anymore what can i do?? I want to upgrade to Traktor 2.0 but i cant without the number can anyone help me please??? :confused: i need this serial
  2. Dj Hobbes

    Dj Hobbes NI Product Owner

    If you bought it legally, then you registered it right? If so, then e-mail NI and get your serial!


    CJ BRAINdBUG Forum Member


    There were some people trying to get serialz from us forum users. DO they think were dump enough to give it away like a little present for those who just want to use this great software without doing something for it like buying it legally...? I had the possibility to get the T1 Version cracked but I didn't want it...I purchased Traktor and registered it, because it's worth it. That's my point of supporting something really good. And if one has lost his serial...he can just get in contact with NI and they'll give him another if he has the original CD. Perhaps it would be useful if people would know that the original T1 CD is needed to get T2 started...
    And for those who have an original CD but lost their serial: don't be angry...I don't trust people who just wrote me some little easy text in order to get something from me...If I would know you personally, i wouldn't have had any problems with helping you out with my own serial...

    so long

    greeZ Nic
  4. cas41532

    cas41532 Forum Member

    I am with the same problem, with my serial, ja I sent 3 email to native, and 2 for THE Mr. Rich one, of him bears, but unfortunately did not they answer me.

    I am recorded since 02/2002
  5. programchild

    programchild Guest

    serial number problems

    hi folks

    regarding your serial number problems:

    at the moment the amount of registration problems
    and serial number requests is too big. That´s why the
    answer to your query can take up to a week.
    It would be very cool if you would have some patience while your mails wait in line at NI. We answer them all.
    If you are not sure about that, please don´t hesitate to
    write us a reminder.

    rock on