Traktor Virtual Output option doesn't appear in my out-port list

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    AENSLAED NI Product Owner

    I am trying to sync Traktor with Ableton Live, and for that I am following DJ Endo's Traktor-Live sync setup video ([ame=""]How to Sync Ableton Live and Traktor - The Right Way | DJ Endo - YouTube[/ame])
    In the video, it's required to add a new Generic MIDI device on the Controller Manager menu, and set the out port option of it to the Traktor Virtual Output setting.
    My problem is that this option for the out-port (Traktor Virtual Output) doesn't appear on the list. It just doesn't show.

    What can I do to use the Traktor Virtual Output when adding a new Generic MIDI device?

    I am using Traktor Scratch Pro version 1.2.7 (not Traktor 2)
    There are two virtual MIDI softwares running in my computer: SCS3 DaRouter for my Stanton SCS3 system and the Novation Automap Pro 3 for my Novation Launchpad. May they be conflicting with the settings of Traktor?

    Please help me! Thanks in advance.
  2. lethal_pizzle

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    I'm guessing you're on Windows. Windows does not have a virtual MIDI device built-in. Download a virtual MIDI cable such as loopbe1.
  3. rlaproductions

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    Hi NI,

    I use 2 controllers and all is working fine until I add a Generic Midi device to set as virtual output for sync with Maschine. Can I have detailed instructions as too how to load all the controllers and virtual output to work. I know how to sync Maschine but my controller (DNMC6000) stops working only if I add a generic midi for virtual output. But when I add multiple controllers they all work fine. Its the how and when to add the generic midi for virtual output that throws me off.

    Thanks in advance for any support!
  4. DJ Freshfluke

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    cant help you directly here, but this is the user forum - if no one jumps in here, please contact the NI support.
  5. DJ MiCL

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    Can you screen capture and show me these?

    The contents of your Device pull down menu, and then, capture of each page (each device selected from the pull down)