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Traktor with Xone PX5

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by Christian Druxs, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Christian Druxs

    Christian Druxs New Member

    Hi Guys!

    Using a hybrid Traktor setup via USB to xone px5 mixer. (3 Traktor Trackdecks + 1 RMX deck, triggered via 2x D2 - alternatively 2 Traktor decks + 2 Vinyl phono ins) - I am very satisfied, works great and the internal soundcard of xone works great so that sound quality losses by using key lock are no issue anymore (as I am only using .wav files).

    I am using the internal Mix-Recorder of Traktor to record my mixes - again: works great even using the vinyl setup alternatively to 2 Traktor decks.

    So my issue now is, that I want to add ableton via the 5th (aux) channel of xone px5, which is no problem so far, as the internal usb card of xone has enough input and output channels, as channels 9 and 10 are leading to the aux channel of the mixer. BUT also for the internal Traktor mixrecording those channels are used referring to the presettings in Traktor. (When I understood it right.)

    Any ideas how to use additionally ableton via the aux channel and being capable to record the whole mix (channel 1 - 4 + aux) internally in Traktor?

    Thanks in advance,