Traktor X1 mk3 is here!

Discussion in 'KONTROL X1' started by golemus, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Well, kind of :)

    Otherwise it is the same as mk2, but there are vertical touch strips for controlling pitch of both decks, LED indicators to show where the pitch slider is currently located (approximately), and Traktor Audio 2 sound card integrated inside X1 so that you have two stereo pairs out.

    So you use external mixer and you can also connect two X1-mk3:s for 4 deck mixing solution which is much more lightweight and portable than S4.

    How do you like it?
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    sure fake ,but i'd like those strips as pitch faders ;)
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    Nice work!

    Not to steal your thunder or anything, but did a similar concept after looking at my X1 Mk2 and working out what I would add for a Mk3, but put in for a pitch fader from a S4 and deck select buttons for each half.

    Traktor X1 MK3 mockup.jpg

    As nice as the touchscreens are, they're a bit awkward IMO for pitch adjustments. I also found being locked into the deck selection chosen upon initial setup to be annoying as well, so added the deck select buttons for extra control and on the fly alterations if chopping and changing different controllers during a set. I also found that the centre part between the FX knobs to be wasted space, so I put the FX labels under the knobs and turned the FX knobs 90 degrees to sit side-by-side in the middle for each knob. This way, the existing touch strip would better work by having the Mk2 pitchshifting mode reassigned to another function. Could use the buttons from the S2 and S4 effects controls as well to be a bit neater instead as well.

    Here's hoping NI take these ideas onboard. ;)
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    7 years layer and still no mk3
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    Do the 3 units physically interlock to each other at all?
    Seems to me like a no brainer and to give people that modular satisfaction of making a larger controller in an order they want, without having them slide apart on a desk, etc.

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    Remove those FX Switches and make the Pushbutton Knobs. Done!