Traktor Z1 without power supply

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by eduard turan, May 30, 2018.

  1. eduard turan

    eduard turan New Member

    Hey ppl,

    I have one very important question. Do i need power supply for classic internal routing playing scheme in traktor?? Or is it only for powering Z1 with ipad or what :) I was usually using it (thinking that it has better stability of audio output), but my friends are telling me that i dont need to have it plugged in.

    What do you think??

    Thanks in advance
  2. LexyNoise

    LexyNoise New Member

    It works without the power supply, but it does seem a little bit quieter. It's not as quiet as a x:eek:ne K2, but you can definitely notice the difference.