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Trouble Understanding Loop Trigger Options in Massive X

Discussion in 'MASSIVE + MASSIVE X' started by mritt, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. mritt

    mritt NI Product Owner

    Trying to understand exactly what the trigger functions loop gate and loop are doing in Massive x.

    After reading the manual it would seem to me that the Loop setting would loop when the envelope reaches its end from a timed perspective (as you would hear in one shot trigger mode) while the Loop Gate would loop prematurely at the end of the sustain of the envelope.

    But when I set the AMP to a long release and use the triggered envelope on an oscillator volume this is not the case. The Loop trigger does include the release like the manual says but it doesn’t seem to loop. Loop just holds at the sustain indefinitely, and Loop Gate just sustains until the key is released.

    I can't get them to loop unless the sustain envelope goes to zero, which eliminates the need for loop vs loop gate as there is no release to be included. Can someone explain what I am missing, or give me a patch example in the synth to hear what is going on?

    Also as a side note the manual includes a loop trigger option when talking about the AMP envelope on page 114 that is not available (I assume it was just copied and pasted here from the other envelope trigger pages) and should be cleaned up.

  2. DrEntropy

    DrEntropy New Member

    Came here looking for an answer to this question as well. As far as i can tell, Loop and Loopgate both loop the attack and decay stages, but only if the sustain is zero. If the sustain is non-zero, it does nothing. The only difference between the loop and the loopgate is that during release, in loop mode, the loop will continue after you release the key until the amp envelop goes to zero.. (The attack / decay loop that is). This does not seem match what the manual claims.