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TSP2 + Xone42 Send/Return Effects Routing

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by agoneymayber, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. agoneymayber

    agoneymayber New Member

    Someone knows about a proper setup to use TSP2 effects as an external FX module in a Xone:42 using the send/return channel?

    I've placed RCA conections between the in/out of channel 7/8 (audio10) and send/return of the mixer, set the individual modules 1 and 2 of traktor FX to "send", and set the channel 7/8 for input and output FX routing.

    I don't know what else to do to make it work properly.
    When I turn the knob dry/wet of the mixer I get a lower volumen, as the track charged with the effect is supossed to pass trough, but nothing else, no effect.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.