Turntable stop (break)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Kristof - Belgium, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Kristof - Belgium

    Kristof - Belgium NI Product Owner


    I've been using Traktor Pro and TP2 (in combination with the S4 Kontrol since several months) for almost 2 years now and must say I am very satisfied with the DJ software. I use it on a (almost) weekly base. I would recommend it to professional digital DJ's (witch I already did ;-).
    Although there is one feature I (and I think others too) would like to be integrated in TP2: Turntable stop (break).
    A stop-function that simulates the stop-function like on a Technics 1200 SL (a short slow-down-stop). There is the possibility to use the Turntable FX in the effects bank, but the problem with this is that the effect doesn't kick-in immediately (first buffer is filled during a few seconds), making it unreliable to use in a mix.

    Solution would be to make an extra feature in the Preferences, where you could choose to make the Play/Pause button instant stop (uncheck) or turntable stop (check).
    For example:
    [ ] Pause = Turntable Stop
    [ x ] Pause = Turntable Stop

    This way the user can choose for the (Play) Pause button to function as a turntable stop or not.
    This way the stop (pause) button would remain it's original function (pause) but could also be used as a turntable stop in a transition when mixing tracks.

    Only trying to help evolve this great piece of software :)


    Kristof - Belgium
  2. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner


    I tried to map the tempo fader with decriments to do this and was unsuccesful. Maybe I will try again since the new update.

    If a mapping works then I guess mapping it to the play/pause would be smart. I never thought of that.
  3. Engine77

    Engine77 NI Product Owner


    It would be very convenient if this feature was built directly into the Play button. After all, Traktor simulates many peices of hardware. I've actually practiced making that 'squash' sound using the S4 platters. It's possible, but not always consistent in sound.
  4. DJ_Maggi

    DJ_Maggi Account Suspended

    Try the pitch bend function.....in tsp 1.2.7 or 2.1.1 this will be ok.
  5. Mimizuku no Lew

    Mimizuku no Lew NI Product Owner


    The pitch bend is really more of a cludgy work-around. Having this ability on the pause button would be much more useful.

    I almost made a thread about this myself after playing around with Serato DJ Intro as it was one of the things I liked (one of the very few things though, their Mixtrack Pro mapping is woeful).

    Please add this functionality as an option, NI!
  6. sevendays

    sevendays Forum Member

    I just use the Turntable FX... :) Works pretty well.
  7. OpaDirty

    OpaDirty NI Product Owner

    -1 there is the Turntable FX !
  8. frank112916

    frank112916 New Member

    even though I use TSP2 w/ technics I'll +1 this. I know serato has the option to adjust braking characteristics during internal playback after pressing the play button to pause, I can't see how it would be all that difficult.
  9. Mimizuku no Lew

    Mimizuku no Lew NI Product Owner

    Not the same thing at all.
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  10. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Its almost exactly the same. FX D/W 100% - TT FX 0%.
    Slows down like a TT.
  11. Mimizuku no Lew

    Mimizuku no Lew NI Product Owner

    But it's not the same as having it as part of the behaviour of the pause button and it ties up an FX unit.
  12. nyceyes

    nyceyes New Member


    I agree. This should be an incorporated feature that's directly mapped to the Play/Pause button.

    I broke my head trying to figure out how to do this. So in fairness, I do thank the members who highlighted the (hopefully temporary) Turntable FX workaround.
  13. C.Robin

    C.Robin NI Product Owner

    i loved this about serato and would love to see it in traktor
  14. buggles

    buggles NI Product Owner

    Or for that matter a reverse play.
  15. prism_emf

    prism_emf NI Product Owner

    Absolutely, this should be an option in Traktor. +1
  16. Stevan

    Stevan NI Product Owner

    Someone has did his homework.
  17. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    He has mapped the TTFX to the play button. You can tell because when he clicks on the 'play' button the FX knob button also lights/unlights proving that they are mapped to the same function. Maybe he has mapped 'shift+play' to perform the break.
  18. GunzAndSiege

    GunzAndSiege New Member

    Working with this features has been a bit frustrating. Coming from M-Audio Torq (like 4 years ago) the Break effect worked flawlessly with out delay or the need to buffer audio.

    Wouldn't it be advantageous to only collect data from the track in a more topical way? Perhaps creating a double of the track that is playing and muting the primary inorder to have the effect activate over the newly duplicate track and upon releasing/toggling the effect off then the primary track could just resume at the rate it had been playing at (exactly as FLUX mode cuepoints work)?

    For this instance you could only control the stop as opposed to both the stop and start of effect function. this was extremely useful for drama builds and timed silence before reintroducing the Break or Drop.

    Any thoughts?
  19. MixMasterRich

    MixMasterRich New Member

    Are you sure it was using the actual song data or just a generic quick turntable wind down sound?

    I am very interested in seeing a better solution implemented too.
  20. GunzAndSiege

    GunzAndSiege New Member

    Yes, i am very confident that it was an instance of the song at that point and not just a generic sound. That's one of the reasons it was so powerful cause you could play with the cue points and the brake effect together to make some epic builds and use the effect to capture specific phrases or cues , plus Change the speed to make it slow or sped up depending on what you are trying to accomplish. It was absolutely epic!