UltimatePluginTool- Free program troubleshoots issues with VST plugins & Native Instruments products

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    I just published the first edition of a free tool I wrote to fix some common problems that Windows users often have with VST plugins and Native Instruments products. If you ever run into error messages like "Could not load 1 or more plug-ins," "This file was saved with a newer version," "This patch was generated by a newer version," "Could not load Plug-in," or "Plug-in failed loading" in Kontakt, Reaktor, Maschine, or Komplete Kontrol, then I wrote this program for you.

    It's called UltimatePluginTool, and the current version contains three different wizards:

    Locate duplicate plugins or incompatible files (like 64-bit plugins in your 32-bit directories):

    Get detailed info on your installed Native Instruments products, fix issues resulting from files being moved after initial installation.

    Sort the Libraries tab of Kontakt using record store-style sorting, with the ability to pin frequently-used libraries to the top of the list or hide rarely-used libraries.

    Two of the wizards also give you the ability to launch a selected plugin directly in an external 32-bit or 64-bit plugin host.

    The program includes full documentation and in-app tooltips to get help with on-screen controls. I'll be posting tutorials on how to use it to solve some specific problems in the coming days/weeks, and how to use it to move Native Instruments plugins and library content around without breaking Kontakt, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, or just about any NI product that includes plugins or library content.

    System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8, 32-bit or 64-bit. 1280x800 or 1360x768 resolution. You don't need any Native Instruments products to use the duplicates finder, but the other two wizards are NI-specific. The current version supports only VST 1.x/2.x plugins.

    You can read more about the program in this blog post.

    Or you can go straight to the downloads page.

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Native Instruments in any way. I have tested it on numerous computers and operating systems, with every NI product released since 2009 (and some earlier ones), and have also gotten some very useful feedback from beta testers. But please read the documentation before using, and use at your own risk.
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    I'm really surprised that there has been no response to your post here. I have just downloaded this and your instructions via your blog are detailed and helpful. I can't comment on your software yet as I'm waiting for a new custom built computer to arrive and then will be re-building all my music software again. Hopefully when I re-install Komplete 9 from scratch again there should be no issues (hopefully). I will comment further if and when I use your software. It does look extremely helpful and I'm extremely grateful you have made it freely available for NI users.

    Thank you.
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    Many thanks for UltimatePluginTool! It helped me to speed up loading of Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.
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    wow what a great useful program..... I am shortly upgrading from 11 select to 12 full and wanted to make sure all was in right sort of place. Quick and easy to check - many thanks.