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  1. Karolis B.

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    Hello! I'm a pianist and I'm recording some of my piano solo works with the NI Una Corda library. The issue I encounter is the low volume of the piano (It usually happens with piano VST, isn't it?). Watching the official video of Una Corda I noticed that the compressor of the library and the general volume of Kontakt player were set by default. However the sound was enough.

    Now I am faced with these two solutions (correct me if I am wrong):

    (1) Use the Maximizer Plug-in. But to get an adequate volume I need to have it at -20. I don't know if it's not an exaggeration?

    (2) Increase the volume of Kontakt Player to 10 and set the library compressor to Hard Limiter almost to the end...

    I appreciate more opinions. Thank You!
  2. seedoflife

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    Remember that any final decisions are always yours!

    It is one of the softest pianos in terms of volume from NI and generally it fits best with that type of vibe.

    It is not a power piano for rock and roll at all and others are better suited for greater volume.

    I suggest adding a gain plugin and a limiter to increase the volume and leaving room for the rest of the instruments in the mix before mastering.

    Best wishes to you and provide a link whenever possible!

    Roney Smith
  3. David Das

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    There's nothing wrong with either of those approaches. It's normal to use compressors and limiters during the mixing/mastering of a recording. There are a thousand ways to do it and you should just use your ear to determine which approach sounds best for the result you want.
  4. Karolis B.

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    Thanks for the answers! I know it's a soft piano library, but still, listening to the recordings with similar pianos, the sound difference is quite large. I will use the Maximizer to deal with this issue. It seems to me that it has a better effect than the internal compressor of Una Corda. However, if someone has other recommendations - it would be nice. Thanks again!

    Best regards, K.