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    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

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update price or special price for update komplete 6 to 7

Discussion in 'Sales Questions (Archive)' started by Bloodflower, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. MartinHines

    MartinHines NI Product Owner

    Even NI is inconsistent:

    -- the PRICING section mentions a $229 for Komplete 2-6 owners
  2. Funky D

    Funky D Forum Member

    Is it possible for us to sell our Komplete 6 upgrade, given that K7 can upgrade K5?
  3. eDrummist

    eDrummist NI Product Owner

    I haven't installed my copy of Komplete 6 upgrade, so consider it for sale immediately (any interested parties, please PM me). Unfortunately, I didn't buy it for the 50% off discount either.
  4. subatomik

    subatomik NI Product Owner

    I updated to Komplete 6 last week! When did the news first hit on 7? If I had known I would have waited. I emailed support and asked if there was some sort of grace period for those who just bought 6 - I got a vague email back that dodged the question.

    Anyone from NI, please let me know if those of us who recently bought K6 are going to get some sort of break on the K7 upgrade.
  5. mjames4208

    mjames4208 NI Product Owner

    they didnt have to announce it... they could ave just released it out of the clear blue and got some more money from everyone.
  6. jfostermusic

    jfostermusic New Member

    Wow, that's really helpful, I'm sure everyone feels much better now. Thanks.:p
  7. mjames4208

    mjames4208 NI Product Owner


    just trying to make everyone feel better.
  8. jfostermusic

    jfostermusic New Member

    Haha, it didn't work.....:(

    But seriously, don't you think a lot of people (who aren't aware of NI's MO of having some "Mega-Sale" before a new release) would have benefited from knowing that Komplete 7 was on it's way?

    A bit of a lead up, a hint, fair warning etc., to the fact that this was being released/in the works would have been nice. I think folks, including myself, would feel less duped by this whole thing.

    Just my 2 cents, FWIW.
  9. mjames4208

    mjames4208 NI Product Owner

    they got me to........ i purchased the Komplete 6 upgrade for Kontact 4.
    and i've already preordered the Komplete 7 upgrade.... but that's it for me.
    EWQL is doing the same thing.
    Cakewalk are scamming as well. they're offering $100.00 rebates on sonar 8.5, which means that 9.0 is around the corner.
    unfortunately i was suckered by everyone.... including IKMultimedia
  10. KAKMAN

    KAKMAN New Member

    NI should be smart and offer the following upgrade package for Komplete 6 owners:

    Save all the packaging and handling costs and eliminate the coupon and offer the Komplete 7 additions as a download only bundle for $100.00.

    Since you have set an upgrade price of $229.00 for the Komplete 7 upgrade package, you should certainly end up with the same or a better profit margin by offering the above bundle. In addition you will not estrange and infuriate all of your loyal customers who have purchased the Komplete 6 package.
  11. Starsky

    Starsky NI Product Owner

    While I agree with the frustration over the lack of many new products in K7, I would like to point out that Reaktor 5.5 is a welcome update to some of us. The Traktor FX are pretty awesome and should make quite a few producers happy. The new R-synths look also good. Unfortunately, the K7 press release and web pages are so obfuscated that it's hard to judge what one gets for one's money. I have not been able to find out what sounds are included in the upgrade, but I agree that the upgrade seems a little steep for us K6 owners. On the other hand it's a no-brainer for K2+ owners.

    Software pricing is always a tricky issue and customers have come to expect a lot. I remember paying a bucket load of cash for the measly NI ProTools Instruments collection and it never worked! Nowadays K7 seems like a great value.

    We all want lifetime free upgrades, but I can also sympathize with the fact that software companies have to keep making money to stay alive. It cost money to keep software current and whenever a company drops an old product there's always endless bitching and moaning from users! So it's a fine balance.

    So to conclude, I guess that NI are trying to bring customers back to their bosom with the upgrade pricing. Too bad that it's not working for all of us. Now, maybe if NI would redesign this stupid Flash site and make it more clear exactly WHAT we get for our money, people wouldn't complain so much...
  12. vision-m

    vision-m NI Product Owner

    stupid flash, yeah, i hate that appearing and disappearing ui parts guts! :)
  13. Vocalpoint

    Vocalpoint NI Product Owner

    Well - judging by the overall distaste to this latest announcement and how that will translate into literally nothing as far as cash flow for NI...if enough people stay away from this deal...the price will eventually come down to somewhere just north of reasonable...and then folks will jump in.

    For me - having just handed NI a bunch of cash in June....I can't see any movement on this until next summer....

    I do agree that anyone who updated to K6 in 2010 should be allowed some sort of better price...99 bucks seems fair to me.

    For right now tho : I am very annoyed at how the discontinued Akoustic Piano libraries were rebadged, cleverly repacked and then added to K7 - for even more money....like I am going to buy that twice....


    Last edited: Aug 3, 2010
  14. Funky D

    Funky D Forum Member

    Reaktor 5.5 will be a free update for Reaktor 5 users...

    I just feel this is a kick in the pants to those who keep current with upgrades... Since the K6 upgrade was $150 (original retail), and K7 only adds soundpacks, shouldn't this upgrade be $79 for K6 users? ($150+$79=$229) Or at least throw us a few extra free soundpacks or something... Call it a "loyalty" promotion (for all the suckers who upgrade too early.)

    An even bigger problem is NI rushed K6 last year since they hadn't released a Komplete version the prior year. Broken Kore integration, a Guitar Rig beta for months... K6 shouldn't have been released until this past April.

    Now NI is trying to play catchup on the yearly releases by throwing in a bunch sounds... sounds those "loyal" users may have already purchased at full price.
  15. MartinHines

    MartinHines NI Product Owner

    I agree. What even makes it worse is I asked NI six months ago about allowing Akoustik Piano owners the ability to download the updated scripts and graphics, and the reply was that there really wasn't anything new -- i.e. we really weren't missing anything.
  16. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog NI Product Owner

    I must admit this will be where I stop upgrading Komplete, I have version 6 and don't see any point getting 7

  17. rdomain

    rdomain Forum Member

  18. DirkBelig

    DirkBelig NI Product Owner

    This means I'll be passing on K7 because I've already got K6 and K5 with all the modules they left out of K6. Wake me when K8 arrives.
  19. MartinHines

    MartinHines NI Product Owner

    I am buying the Komplete 7 update (even though I already have Komplete 6).

    I totaled up the prices of all the Komplete 7 extras (i.e. all the items that are not in Komplete 6 and are available for purchase through the NI store) and the retail price of the extras is $1228. That is worth $199 to me even though I wish NI had provided a better deal for Komplete 6 owners.

    Here are the retail prices of the new items in Komplete 7:

    Guitar Pro FX
    $49 -- Rammfire (Amp Simulation)
    $119 -- Reflektor (Convolution Reverb)
    $79 -- Traktor's 12 (Various)

    Kontakt Libraries
    $119 -- AbbeyRoad 60's Drums
    $189 -- Classic Piano Collection (Akoustik Pianos)
    -- Berlin Concert Grand
    -- New York Concert Grand
    -- Upright Piano
    -- Vienna Concert Grand
    $ 89 -- Scarbee MM-Bass
    $169 -- Scarbee Vintage Keys
    -- Scarbee Mark I
    -- Scarbee Clavinet/Pianet
    -- Scarbee A-200
    $119 -- Vintage Organs

    Kore Instrument
    $ 79 -- Acoustic Refractions

    Reaktor Instruments
    $ 79 -- The Finger (FX)
    $ 59 -- Reaktor Spark (Ensemble)
    $ 79 -- Reaktor Prism (Ensemble)
  20. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog NI Product Owner

    That is a good point, but for me I just would not use most of this stuff especially the Kontakt libraries.

    I might well use Rammfire and the Reaktor instruments but that is it.

    The thing that bothers me most is that the upgrade from Kontakt 2 to Kontakt 7 is the same price as from 6 to 7! So I might as well wait for version 8 and upgrade then is there is stuff that I am really after.

    I think the upgrade path is not optimal for version 6 owners, especially if you have already upgraded 3->4->5->6!

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