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Update v2.4 overview and suggestions

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ 2' started by Demus, May 8, 2020.

  1. Demus

    Demus NI Product Owner

    Well I have tried the v2.4 update and it's really great so far....New waveform display grid is much better than Traktor Pro 3 and there is no redraw issue as with Traktor Pro 3 when you jump throughout the track...a little better to read :thumbsup:but ..(look at my suggestion below #11) The sort by genre is a added plus. But...(See suggestion below # 3 & 4) The IOS features are great and much more than windows. and the beat gridding is great so far. The beat gridding does a great job of gridding tracks ...Much better than Traktor Pro 3....because it is not looking for a first beat just assigning a grid to a specific BPM. But....(See suggestion below # 1 & 2)
    Things I would like to see added.
    1. Beat gridding adjustment like Traktor Pro 3 for a easier adjustment of the grid within the software;)
    2. BPM detection to the 000.000 as per Traktor Pro 3 (right now I Think it is 000.00) to help with slight drift in tracks :cool:
    3. Add to browser...Adjustable browser line... Comments, Key Text, Analyzed/Gain and a folder tree under collection like (Traktor Pro 3) :D
    4. Folder drag and drop naming for collection tree not playlist tree
    5. No resetting of EQ after loading of new track ......very annoying to have to set up EQ every time after loading a new track :mad:
    6. 4 deck mixing :)
    7. More controller compatibility :cool:
    8. More Effects via software ;)
    9. Vu Meter for recording :cool:
    10. EQ and FX in waveform view on windows (Like IOS)
    11. A better color scheme for the waveform display add (red as the primary color for bass) on all tracks...:cool:
    12. Importing of Traktor Pro 3 collection (most important one of all) was an option on day one release but taken out after the first up date.. :confused:
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  2. Luke Worm

    Luke Worm New Member

    One up for beat grid adjustment and meaningful filters e.g. based on genre, comments, or any other tag one uses to customize her / his collection!

    Also, covers should be displayed bigger.
    Also, TDJ 1 automatically creates a tracklist for recordings, including the start times for each track(!) - TDJ 2 lost that feature.
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