Upgrade offer from Guitar Combos to Guitar Rig 3

Discussion in 'GUITAR COMBOS' started by Thomas @ NI, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator

    Hello everybody,

    I wanted to make sure that you are all aware of a new and very favorable upgrade option regarding the new Guitar Rig 3.

    Basically, if you own one (or several) of the Guitar Combos, you can upgrade to the full-featured Guitar Rig 3 software for $169 / €149 (Software Edition).

    From there on, you can also get the new Rig Kontrol pedal for a further $289 / €249 as a further option.

    For more details, check the Guitar Rig 3 product pages.

    Regards, Thomas
  2. RhysPatto

    RhysPatto NI Product Owner

    I have just sent off a question to NI Support, but I will also ask it here...

    How do I get the activation to work for when I am upgrading from the Guitar Combos Behringer Edition to Guitar Rig 3.

    It says that I do not meet the criteria, but the criteria is stating as saying "For users of GUITAR COMBOS or single combos".

    Please help
  3. RhysPatto

    RhysPatto NI Product Owner

    Never mind. The friendly Roland from NI Support Berlin fixed me up over the phone.
  4. Kossu

    Kossu NI Product Owner

    That's exactly my problem.

    How should I proceed to be able to upgrade?


  5. JazzOn

    JazzOn New Member

    Make sure you followed these steps (I had to fight that message too :) ):

    - Install Guitar Combos
    - Choose and register your Amp (should show up in NI Service Centre)
    - Buy the Upgrade in the NI Shop
    - Download Guitar Rig 3
    - Activate Guitar Rig using the code you received in NI Service Centre

    The main problem in my case was, that I did not actually install one of the combos, supposing it would be sufficient to use the activation code on the CD Sleeve for the Update.
  6. winstonterr

    winstonterr New Member

    I just got the guitar rig 3 software and don't know how to play my guitar into the software. I can record in the program audacity, but i don't know why i can't play into the guitar rig software. Can someone help?
  7. hazmat

    hazmat New Member

    It sounds like you don't have the proper driver setup....check your settings and make sure both programs have the same driver...either the Behringer USb or something like a generic ASIO4ALL driver (which I use without issue)
    Speaking of Guitar Combos...I just got a copy with the Behringer UCg102....a couple of questions:

    1) I thought we had a choice of one of the three rigs provided on the CD...I was only given a serial # for the AC combo...my least fave...I did successfully register it.

    2) Now I understand that these are discontinued...but if Behringer is still selling this product and making a profit in 2013...shouldn't there be some upgrade path for users like me who just bought it ?

    Thanks in advance