USB cord will not stay plugged in to X1

Discussion in 'KONTROL X1' started by myrealjobsucks, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. myrealjobsucks

    myrealjobsucks New Member

    Anyone else have this problem?
    Any suggestions for remedy?
    Feel like I saw a replacement being offered for this part of the X1 on ebay? Maybe had the orange plastic inside opposed to the one on my X1 (I think its white).

    Anyway my x1 will frequently lose connectivity altogether or just partially (e.g. browsing dial skips songs instead of scrolling one by one) and hoping there is maybe a certain brand of USB cord that works well? or maybe NI will replace the defect ?(which has been present since purchase) or maybe I am just trying to complain about something and need to get a life?

  2. dj_eddie_gr

    dj_eddie_gr Forum Member

    Have you tried a new cable for start?
  3. jdl14

    jdl14 New Member

    I have the same problem... I've tried about 8 different cords, including the one that came with the S4 and my Audio 6 cards... all of them fit loosely in my X1 as well
  4. Steve Zorilow

    Steve Zorilow NI Product Owner

    USB connector are generic parts and easy to change. Most repair shop should be able to do the job for you at reasonable cost.

    I've changed mine few months ago after years of good "on the road" service.
  5. djchrislee

    djchrislee Forum Member

    Mine is as sloppy as anything, ive put a small bit of sticker on the top and bottom which makes it tighter but i still have the browsing problem, do new X1`s have the orange connector?