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    Hi everyone,

    I need an usb-hub for my current setup (everything on a flightcase on a stand, laptop tucked away out of sight) for the following uses:

    -free up a usb-port
    -make the default usb-cable of the Maschine longer (more distance between maschine -laptop)
    -less cables between my laptop and flightcase

    So I need a usb-hub with 2 or more ports, capable of supporting my maschine and my Tascam 144 usb audio-interface. I know this things regulary require power, this I can get from within the flight case.

    Will this have any effect on latency, pops/clicks, dropouts, or maybe just not work?
    Will it always work, but only with usb-hubs with special specifications?

    Can anyone recommend something I can use?

    Any other comments, also about other methods to lengthen the usb-cable of Maschine (I've heard about encoder-issues triggered by usb-problems)

    Thanks and greetings
  2. trux

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    i recommend a powered usb hub cos they will not affect latency or performance. i have a 7 port usb powered hub that connects all my gear - traktor s4, f1, maschine, akai lpk25, nanokontrol, axiom pro 49, mouse :p

    never had an issue with all these going off the same usb port.

    this is the hub i have:
  3. J-Fly

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    I had a similar problem although I'm using a desktop. I went to Radio Shack and they recommended a powered 4-port usb hub. I've had no issues with it, but that one from Newegg looks pretty good for half the price of what I paid.
  4. BIF

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    If you are soon planning to upgrade to a laptop with USB 3.0, I would suggest a hybrid hub that can accept both 2.0 and 3.0 devices.

    I use this one from Siig. I like it because I can plug my three license dongles into the 2.0 side and support up to three 3.0 external hard drives for my sample libraries and still have the ability to drive Mashine or an audio interface if I so choose.

    And I still have a couple of USB2.0 ports available directly from the laptop's chassis, to support a MIDI keyboard, my Kore 2, or other controller.

    Note that this and most hubs will require external power, which you'd need anyway for any mobile audio interfaces or controllers having knobs, buttons, or lights.
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  5. faster

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    That's interesting...
    I started to run out of USB ports so I got the Belkin USB-powered 7-port thing and when I hooked it up I started to have incredible latency with Maschine...(I had Maschine, BCR2k, and MIDI keyboard in it)
    So I unplugged it and it's somewhere in a closet.
    Never figured out why...
  6. jiggle

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    I use a belkin 7 port usb 2 hub, I have the maschine, S2, midi keyboard, launchpad and sometimes my audio 8 plugged into it, all good, no problems. The audio 8 sometimes bugs out, but replugging it works. Or Il let it have its own usb on the laptop.
    Maschine doesnt mind the hub at all though
  7. BIF

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    A few questions for you

    1. How long has it been in the closet?

    If it has been more than a year, you might try it again. Driver updates and Windows updates may have fixed this issue.

    2. What MIDI keyboard?

    Check the drivers for that too...maybe it was imposing the latency and Maschine was merely the victim.

    3. Was the hub plugged into a wall-socket for power and was it working correctly?

    Without its own supply, the hub and attached devices must all draw power from the bus. Latency would be the first and the least of your potential problems; you could have some malfunctions.

    It could have been a defective hub or power supply. Try a different one. I have no trouble with Dynex brand, which is one of the the Best Buy house brands, along with Rocketfish. Or Siig, which is a separate manufacturer.

    4. Also - be careful about mixing USB2 and USB3 devices together on a USB3 port (unless you have a hybrid hub) or using a USB2 cable in a USB3 port or vice-versa. There are some idiosyncrasies that you should be aware of, and in my experience, ability to get clean and stable power or a clean and stable signal to/from the devices is one of them.

    example: When I plug a USB 3.0 hard drive into a USB 2.0 port on my desktop computer, the drive will get power but won't be recognized by Windows unless I pull the cable slightly out of the socket on the computer.
  8. faster

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    Thanx for reply,

    it's been there 2-3 months, the closet that is...

    Keyboard is Roland/Edirol PCR 300

    I had it plugged in wall, everything, I have NO USB-3s.
    It is this one:
    It lights up and everything, it is lifetime warranty, but how do I know it is defective?
    Quite frankly I was a bit bummed out with the results, but I could really see the difference with maschine, it suddenly had latency...
    Did you have to re-install any software, so it knows it is in different USB port?
    From Site:
    System Requirements:
    For PC Users: Pentium* processor-based computer with USB 2.0 port available, Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista

    NO W-7 64bit?
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  9. BIF

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    Aaah, y'know what?

    I do have one slightly fussy hub, in the back of my studio where I drive my own BCR-2000, as well as a BCF 2000 a novation controller and a couple other devices.

    About every 3 boots, that hub appears connected correctly (with appropriately lit-up indicators), but my DAW can't find the devices.

    Usually, I just unplug the USB cable from beeps noting that Windows is disengaging those drivers. But when I plug the USB cable back into the hub, then I get several "booboop" sounds; one for the hub and one for each of the USB devices that are chained off of it.

    I know this isn't a latency problem per se, but maybe there is something similar going on with your system? I suspect that in my case it may be a cable or possibly an electrical connection within the hub itself. It just hasn't been so serious (yet) that I have felt the need to debug it.
  10. MixMafia

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    I had the same problem

    Do i need a 'POWERED' usb hub?

    because I bought a usb hubthat isnt powered through a wall outlet, It just turns one USB port into 4, and when I hook my devices (maschine, fantom g, protools dongle, external hard rive) it always says my devices dont have sufficient power
  11. BIF

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    The only devices that I do not plug into a powered hub would be mice and a computer keyboard.

    As a rule, all of my MIDI devices and audio interfaces are plugged into either a powered hub or directly into the computer as a single device on that USB port.
  12. TabSel

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    A powered hub isn't a powered hub... There a few hubs out there which provide enough power according to the USB specs for every port they offer. So a 7-port hub might work well with 2 or 3 power requiring devices. Plug in a 4th device and none of your devices work stable anymore, either they aren recognized on system boot and you have to plug it out and in again to work, and/or they turn off and on regularly, or don't turn on at all...

    I bought cheap and thus twice, until I finally bought me an Exsys EX-1177. It ensures that every port offers enough power to meet the USB specs. I never had a single issue with it. I connected

    - Matrox DualHead2Go
    - Kore2
    - Maschine
    - Novation SL25MkIII
    - Steinberg Key
    - Steinberg Midex8
    - USB Switch

    I have had no single issue with performance, stability...
  13. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    Tab, that thing is built like a tank!
  14. kwtsh

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    Problem with USB 3.0 Hub, Switching Frequencies Any Soundcard

    Sharing this in the hope it will help others and see if anyone has possible resolution:

    Please see my post here for experiences with Kontrol S4 / Motu Microbook II and Mid 2012 USB 3.0 MBP:
  15. oleg78

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    I also bought twice. Finally I got the Exsys EX-1177 and never thought about USB hubs again. I really recommend...
  16. 645576

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    My guess is it only had one transaction translator and you had at least one USB 1.0 device on it, slowing the whole hub to that speed. I had an Axiom 61, BCR2000, Korg PadKontrol, eLicenser Dongle, and Maschine all on a hub and had the same issue until I removed my eLicenser Dongle from the hub.
    What are you trying to say? This makes no sense.

    A powered hub has an AC/DC adapter and can be plugged into the wall to draw additional current required for connected devices. If you run a powered hub off of a USB port alone, then of course you will not be able to power more than 1/2 Amp worth of devices as you are not "powering" the hub. If you plug the same powered hub into the wall as intended, you can now deliver up to 1/2 Amp of current to each port on the hub.
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    Has anyone tried a powered usb2 hub on a usb3 only port on a windows laptop while connecting a native instruments Traktor Kontrol S4? Did the S4 work without any problems, especially bluescreen?
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    yeah i have on my pc all my usb ports filled up plus a 7 port filled up and almost am gonna need another one here soon. I'm using a wall socket plus 2 power protecters all full of cables. I have a lot of stuff.
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