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Useful Tips. lists of Tutorials for new and intermediate Reaktor users

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by sowari, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. jackasspenguin

    jackasspenguin NI Product Owner

    Great! Read the manual! did all the tutorial examples! tried to add stuff! tried to be adventurous! everything I didn't wouldn't work! tried to insert a simple delay! didn't work. There are tons of stuff in the Library folder not covered in any "tutorial" no mention of using "the finger" When someone can put some tips for new users here that would be great! this program seems to be a bit more complex to simply insert a bunch of stuff and draw lines here and there and make it work. Does anyone make video tutorials for Reaktor? They made a few for Battery! that helped! I'd really like to learn how to use it. it seems very interesting but just reading the manual and knowing what the buttons do and this and that really isn't very instructive. But then again, most user manuals are made this way! "This is what this stuff does! good luck, go get 'em tiger!"
  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

  3. pianofood

    pianofood New Member

    idea for new reaktor instrument/not a clue how to execute

    Hi everyone,

    I am brand new to reaktor, although I've used Max/MSP just a tiny bit. I have an idea for a reaktor instrument which splits a single vocal track into multiple tracks each tuned to midi notes coming from a keyboard. I don't really know the technical aspects of creating this. So far I have a draft that looks like so:

    audio in 1 (vox) ---- channel splitter (don't know how to make this!) --- 4(or any number of) Pitch shifters, tuned by connected midi keyboard (this would probably need some kind of mathematical priority control) Is anyone familiar with the korg mono/poly... that board has a really cool priority controller in it that assigns notes as you play them to different analog oscillators in polyphonic mode.

    My vision is to have a "keyboard controlled choir" of one singer, unlike a traditional vocoder that uses a carrier/modulator relationship with an oscillator.

    Anyone willing to make suggestions or shed some light on how I can start designing this instrument?

  4. James Nicholl

    James Nicholl Forum Member

    An incomplete tutorial for beginning programming in Reaktor:


    Hosted by the good people at Ruin & Wesen.

    It started as replies to questions I was getting over at em411.com. I filled it out with some extra and more in depth material, added some screen caps and called it a tutorial.
  5. herw

    herw NI Product Owner

    infos in corecells

    Big structures in corecells are sometimes unclear. Infos would be helpfull.
    There is an interesting trick to show several comments inside of corecells:
    Write a text (with formulas and pictures if you want) in WORD.
    Make a screenshot of your text (MAC: <cmd>+<ctrl>+<shift>+<4> and mousedraw) and load it into a draw application (f.i. graficconverter (mac)).
    Save the screenshot as bmp-file and load it as icon (!) into an empty core-macro.
    Infos in corecells.jpg
    Now you have an info in corecells.

    ciao herw
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  6. oneku

    oneku New Member

  7. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    to log in, use the email that you used to register Reaktor and the password is the one Native Instruments sent you are you registered Reaktor.

  8. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    Sowari, are you saved in your township. Beware of fire.
  9. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    yes and thanks for asking.

  10. re8

    re8 Forum Member

    Use the forums. Seems obvious since you are here :) but if you keep reading the forums, the more you will learn.
    If are browsing the forum & can see only a few months worth, use the "Advanced Search" on the left bar.
    Bookmark that will load the Reaktor page & jump down to the post past that header that drives us nuts:
  11. nox

    nox Forum Member

    Para los hispano parlantes que no se aclaren con la super traducción del manual de Reaktor ;) , y/o no dominen suficiente el inglés, llevo haciendo un tutorial de Reaktor desde abril de 2011 en un blog(en español, obvio), el link al índice de las entradas:


    El tutorial empieza desde cero, desde lo más básico de lo más básico (incluso si no has leído el manual), hasta un nivel intermedio. Ahora mismo voy por la sexta entrada, y faltarían una o dos más sobre eventos (estoy trabajando en ello, que es un tema complicado) para terminarlo.

    No es un libro para acabar siendo ingeniero de sonido ;) , es un tutorial pensado para ayudar a empezar, y que a partir de ahí sigas tú mismo.


    For spanish speakers that have to fight with Reaktor manual's translation ;) , I have been making a tutorial in blog format since april 2011, the following link is the index of the tutorial:


    The tutorial goes from a very novice (you havent even reading the manual) to an intermediate level. Nowadays it have 6 parts, and im working in one more, maybe two, for the basics of events.

    Its a tutorial for begin with Reaktor, not for high levels, only to begin and then you carry on.

    PS: I know this is a english forum, sorry for the spanish part, but you know, its a tutorial in spanish for spanish speakers :lol:
  12. ofersmi

    ofersmi New Member

  13. JPaul23

    JPaul23 NI Product Owner

  14. pillers22

    pillers22 New Member


    Not only is it big, long, and boring, but it assumes a lot of background knowledge that i just aint got! I guess without that theres only so much i can do.
  15. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    maybe start here:


  16. pillers22

    pillers22 New Member


    Thx Phil
  17. Joe Joe 2

    Joe Joe 2 New Member

  18. sampleconstruct

    sampleconstruct NI Product Owner

    As this is one of the top FAQs, here is an updated instructional video concerning the loading of Sample Maps and Snapshot Banks into Reaktor 5.9.2 and higher:

  19. alpert

    alpert NI Product Owner

  20. Kozakahi

    Kozakahi New Member

    Hello again, I haven't found anywhere how to connect several effects to a "mixer", because two both FX cannot be connected to the same output. How can I do that ?