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User kits and patterns

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by ew, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. plutoniclab

    plutoniclab Forum Member

    V2 now up!

    Ive sampled 16 performed sound effects & 16 patches of multi sampled instruments. (2 groups of content)
    I’ve also included one shots of all the fx as .wav files

  2. Bagoftrix

    Bagoftrix NI Product Owner

  3. Lowkus

    Lowkus NI Product Owner

    Sounds good. What kind of license goes with it?
  4. hi-d-ho-man

    hi-d-ho-man NI Product Owner


    This kit is REALLY REALLY nice ill patterns too
  5. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats Guest

    looking to trade, possibly, some maschine patterns from Pulewerk
    I believe I have all other patterns from all releases saved to my maschine library for trade.. 1 for 1..

    I tried this with another fellow before and he flaked on me and didnt give me anything as I gave him 2 pattern sets.

    I got ..
    Conant Gardens
    Dark Pressure
    Drop Squad
    Electric Vice
    Maschine 1.5
    Platinum Bounce
    Raw Voltage
    Transistor Punch
    True School
    Vintage Heat


    THE WIDOWMAKER NI Product Owner

    the guy sent you a massive amount of patterns wrapped up in 2 batches as i remember.
  7. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats Guest

    no you didnt send me patterns you sent me something weird like like groups or something I can';t remember I just trashed it cause it wasnt something that I could import into the patterns choice on the selector in the maschine browser.. sorry t'was no bueno
    What I sent you was patterns, what you sent me was something that was not patterns .

    Attached Files:

  8. rob83

    rob83 New Member

    Most of the free sound packs and drum kits I use are from www.beatproduction.net and they are working nicely on my Maschine.
  9. Entrainer

    Entrainer New Member


    I just wanted to pop in and share 3 free kits I made for NI Maschine.
    These are complimentary and license-free to use in musical productions/performances.
    (please don't repackage/redistribute them within a one-shot sample library)

    download here:

    The 3 kits feature the Linn Drum, Oberheim DMX, and Casio RZ
    1 and are called Artist, Tronix, and Chi-Jack, respectively.

    The machines been warmed up, tuned, and shaped with some analog outboard gear.

    Hope you enjoy!

    - Nathaniel
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  10. Stereotyp123

    Stereotyp123 New Member

    sorry if I havent got it properly. Is there anyone here sharing the maschine drum patterns?
    Looking for more drum pattern presets to try different rythms since I'm not a skillfull drummer (neither in reality nor with the maschine).
    mainly using it for write songs with loops and using some very basic drum patterns.

    So more advanced drums would be welcome and appreciated :)
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  11. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats Guest

    Someone once posted the kits patterns up in here so I'll do the ones for 2.0

    Please delete the post if thats a No No.

    View attachment Maschine Patterns.zip

    Here is basic MIDI info on maschine 2

    Here is how to import patterns to the correct sound slot after saving a MIDI drum pattern .

    And Here is how to export as one midi clip for drag and drop into a DAW for example
  12. GearN00b

    GearN00b NI Product Owner

    So given that there doesn't appear to be a maschine user library, does maschine save custom kits as a file type that can be easily exchanged (sorry, new to this)?
  13. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats Guest

    These are all Maschine kit patterns of all the expansions except helios ray and resonant blade…

    These are actually the midi files exported in the "one file/one clip" or in other words one MIDI channel with the kick drum or sound one of each kit beginning on C-1 I believe and working up words on the chromatic keyboard. I initially did this to have the patterns so I can use with my Maschine kits inside Ableton BUT when I have them loaded into a drum rack ..

    enjoy it if you find them useful .

    View attachment Ableton Patterns.zip
  14. Peyman

    Peyman New Member

    thanks a lot!
  15. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats Guest

  16. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    it would be safe to say you can use any sample that is public domain, even if it was used by big fish. unless there is an exclusive license between the sampler and the source, like nord or waldorf. for example if dobbs samples inc took samples from a nord lead without altering them in anyway and just using the default preset, those samples cannot be licensed as the property of dobbs samples inc. they are considered those of nord and subject to their permissions. the same is true of samples from movies and other sources not derived from the actual performance of an object, instrument, or use of, as in the case of an electronic one. big fish, east west.. etc are pretty good about using only their exclusive samples. zero-g uses samples from various sources and some are considered copyright infringement from recording artists, so i would not be so concerned about their samples as they seem to think it is okay to steal from artists and not pay them royalties. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/network-awesome/creativity-endures-the-am_b_1448382.html

    "Whatever the reason, the fact remains that third-party companies such as Zero-G were selling the appropriated "Amen Break" as their own copyrighted material"

  17. champamoore

    champamoore NI Product Owner

    I'm curious how far they have come in that regard in the last 5 years. ;] Any updates as of 2014?
  18. Blaakk

    Blaakk NI Product Owner

    A free Maschine 2.0 kit can be found here.... kompleteintegration.com/free-stuff. It contains 1 group of processed kicks, a group of unprocessed snares, hats (in pairs OH and CH). toms, and 2 groups of 'percussion'. All made from scratch with the Drum Synth. I also recorded some vox one-shots and chopped them up.

    The idea is to build upon that pack by adding fx, layering, or basically whatever we can think of, to create an improved and more usable pack/s.

    I'll upload a Maschine v1.8 version with bounced samples later on tonight.
  19. jdownesbaird

    jdownesbaird Forum Member

    Thanks! Downloading...
  20. deckgeneral

    deckgeneral New Member

    This thread simply needs deleting ha ha....

    We should all use our energy and put it into getting tech support to iron out problems and put our wish lists into action.
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