User Settings for foot switches / pedals

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Dj Ravix, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. Dj Ravix

    Dj Ravix NI Product Owner

    So yeah its nice to be able to Play/Stop and Record Enable using the foot switches / pedals
    But It is a bit weird to me that these can not be changed to other functions (Or that there are not even Polarity settings for it)

    for example:
    • what I hear from a lot of people seems they do like the Play/Stop but would prefer Restart/Stop so that every time they press the down the foot switch it would start at the beginning
    • Having the "lock function" when holding (or latching) the pedal do have both hands to do some stuff with and when letting the pedal (or unlatching) everything is back the way it was (in my opinion a faster way to use the lock function)
    • Set it to Enable automation by holding the pedal (Or latching it) once again both hands free for automation
    And there are probably others out here that might have a nice idea of what to use this for
    But at least I think there should be an option to change these and also change the polarity of the settings since not all foot switches / pedals have a polarity switch on them

    There is also the possibility that one might want to connect an expression pedal to it and currently there is no way to change the input method from being Switches to being an continuous controller while with the Komplete Kontrol you are able to change these settings so it a bit off to me why Maschine does not have these kind of options in the settings