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Using Battery template within Maschine hardware

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by mjackman76, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. mjackman76

    mjackman76 New Member

    Hi folks
    Wondering if some kind soul would be able to shed some light on this:

    Im attempting to use NI Battery 4 (in cubase) with the Maschine Mk2 hardware. I have selected the Battery Template on the maschine mk2, however when opening up an instance of Battery 4 within Cubase, I was expecting to see 16 pads (theres actually many more), or at least, i was expecting that the 16 pads on the maschine would operate the same pads within the Battery 4 software however whilst the pads do function and trigger sounds, the pads dont seem to be in any particular order which obviously defeats the purpose of having a template, im sure im doing smoething wrong, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  2. backbeat2

    backbeat2 NI Product Owner

    You have to go in KeyboardMode from the pads in Maschine.

    If I use Battery 3 or 4 in Maschine I have a Group Preset that routes all midi notes of Pads 2-16 to the battery instance at Soudslot 1 (Pad1) .
    You can do that in the midi output tab of pad 2-16 .
    You have to route them to S1.
    Then you can change the trigger notes from the pads to play you particular sound in battery.
    With that you are able to use the step sequencer of maschine for battery.

    If you want battery to stay open if you press pad 2-16 you have to pin the editor from battery.
  3. mjackman76

    mjackman76 New Member

    Hi backbeat2, thank you for your reply, however im sure sure if thats the same as what im trying to do? Im trying to use Maschine in controller mode, with just Battery (no instance of maschine software running at all), as it is at the moment - some of the pads are triggered, but not all and not in order
  4. Blindeddie

    Blindeddie Well-Known Member