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Using Maschine for live Mash ups

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by dej47, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. dej47

    dej47 NI Product Owner

    Hey everyone so since discovering the really easy sampling capabilities of Maschine I've wanted to experiment more with Mash ups. But i'm talkin super Mash ups where I have multiple verses and choruses in Maschine all ready to fire off in order. The problem is if i'm working with acapellas that aren't in beat I'm sort of limited to what I can use. Is there anyway to adjust the bpm or speed of a sampled acapella on the fly.

    THE WIDOWMAKER NI Product Owner

    not unless pre-cut/sliced......
  3. noiserot

    noiserot Forum Member

    You'd need timestretch which NI is already working on. In the meantime, Maschine + Live combo will do the job.
  4. rocadaburn

    rocadaburn Forum Member

    I`ve had the same idea, but it didn`t work that good. The missing time stretch really is annoying (remember, this won`t be available in 1.5!), because you have to slice everything up, not that good for melodic or vocal parts :-(
    when I sliced the tracks which I wanted to mash-up, the kit loading times increased from seconds to hundreds of seconds ;-)
    It took between two until 5 minutes to load a kit...

    You should use Maschine as it is supposed: a groovebox/drum computer.

    When you want to mashup full tracks, use Live only, or wait for the Electron Octatrack :cool:

  5. dej47

    dej47 NI Product Owner

    I've tried getting into Live but just can't. One of the guys on the djtechtools forum was trying to explain a workaround that when you slice samples a certain way that you can adjust the tempo of them even without timestretch. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Here is his original post:

    "this is something people with mpc's have been doing for ages.

    listen to your source before you sample it.
    figure out the tempo.
    make program with same tempo.
    program pattern so that slices playback correctly.
    add milk and cheese and scramble.

    i dont own a maschine but on the hardware side ive owned an mpc1000, korg electribe sx, and some other bits and its all the same principle behind it. since its sliced and its a pattern, no matter what tempo you play it at the pitch will not be effected and on the flip side pitch can be bent without effecting the tempo.
    this idea can be further flipped by assigning the slices to its own pattern.
    if youve got what was sampled as a 4 bar loop and have it divided into 4 one bar samples, make 4 one bar patterns each pattern corresponding to the sample...

    im starting to get off point, the point is youve got to be conscious of how you use patterns in order to use a sampler as something other than a drum machine. "
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