Using NI instruments to make and sell loops/sample packs

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by Scott Rowell, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Scott Rowell

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    As title, say for example, can I use Grandeur and make chord progressions/melodies and then sell them?

  2. Simchris

    Simchris NI Product Owner

    I do not think so. Since a performance is still using licensed samples. You could sell the midi performances, but not sample sounds made from sample sounds. See the EULA.
  3. Matt @ NI

    Matt @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hey Scott!

    Here is what our EULA mentions:
    The provided samples, instruments and presets can be used for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions without the prior permission from Native Instruments under the terms of this Sound License Agreement. The usage of this Product (in particular samples, instruments and presets) for the creation of a sound library or as a sound library for any kind of synthesizer, virtual instrument, sample library, sample-based product or other musical instrument is strictly prohibited. Individual samples, sound sets or audio loops may not be distributed (commercially or otherwise) standalone. Furthermore these samples, sound sets or audio may not be repackaged in whole or in part as audio samples, sound libraries or sound effects.
  4. SteveK

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    Ok - and translated to normal humans - what does that mean? ;-)
    A clear "yes" or "no" to the original post would help me here.

    I may not resample the single sounds and resell them (makes sense) but I can make chord progressions and sell them in a music track to Sony Music (makes sense too). - So far I think I got it. Otherwise a virtual instrument makes no sense.

    But the chord progression itself (a track/loop without any additional music):
    Does the EULA mean I may not use the chord progression as a sound (library) for another musical instrument (I would understand this) or does the EULA mean I may not use the chord progression at all to sell this as an individual audio loop - mostly in a processed track with other sounds (as I have created something completely new with it and is only usable in the context of these chords only).

    If the second is correct I wonder if this would kill the industry of sound makers as 99% of all drum loops are based on sounds that are from some kind of beatbox and not from an original 808 or so...

    almost 100% of all musical loops or athmos, textures, etc. available on the market are based on synthesizers. So if NI instruments uses sample based instruments they could not be used for that? Just curious as this would be a big disadvantage using NI if I ever want to sell samples (also after a year sometimes I can not even tell how samples have been made).
  5. Matt @ NI

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    Hey Steve!
    I think it really might be best if you get in touch with someone that can give you clear advice copyrights. Our products can be used commercially as long as you are not building another VST or sample packs with them. It's just as simple as that really but if we're talking about copyright issues with publishing or anything of the sort, an expert might give you more detailed advice.