Using Superior Drummer to drive Battery sounds?

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by David Willis, Mar 6, 2021.

  1. David Willis

    David Willis NI Product Owner

    I just got into Battery after buying the "Komplete Ultimate Collectors I Don't Have a Girlfriend To Spend Money On" edition. I am using Logic and would love to program a song in Superior Drummer and have it drive Battery. That way I would have the easy programming of SD and the infinite sounds of Battery.

    Is anyone using this workflow? Right now, I program in SD then export MIDI to a track and change the notes around to fit what Battery needs. I'd love to have SD drive Battery sounds, but when using MIDI out from SD, the timing is off in relation to the song.

    Is there a way to remap MIDI in all my Battery patches to use the notes SD uses? Yes, I know you can do each one individually, but it would be much easier to just load a MIDI map to be the same on every Battery kit.

    I've opened support tickets at NI, but since I'm using 3 different products together, I thought I'd ask here, too.


    iMac Pro, 10 core, 64 gigs RAM, OS 10.15.7 Catalina, Logic Pro 10.6.1, UAD Apollo Twin Mk II, UAD Octo Satellite w/ 77 plugins, Kontakt 6.5.2. w/ all sounds on external thunderbolt 3 SSD.
  2. SmokeyJoe

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    I am doing the same as you (using SD midi for Battery sounds). The problem is that Battery is structuring every kit differently which makes it difficult to "translate" it into Battery. For example, SD has many more HH articulations whereas the Battery kits usually have anything from 2-4 only. So I don't think there is an easy fix for this which is probably why nobody has replied to you.
  3. MoHoK

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    Battery is just a Sampler for real and it's not following any standard midi map where you could have a kick or a snare could be anything instead... most of the standard kits inside batttery usually are something like C1 for kick E1 for snare F# G# A# for hats... but this is always a subject to change... you could make an empty kit on battery with the map you wish... and just load the sounds you wish there... one every time... Battery has NO global configutration like saving multi outputs routing, or midi map changes...
    if you think you need using BAttery use it in first place... or SD if you think that this is what needed for your product.... if it's coming for texturing the sound of SD you can have a different channel using Battery to texture the sounds you wish from SD....