Using the Z1 as a 2-channel soundcard only

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by SimonDarling, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. SimonDarling

    SimonDarling New Member


    I was wondering, if it is possible, to use the Z1 as a simple 2-channel sound card only (like the Audio 2)
    without using any faders or knobs and plainly connecting to an external mixer?

    So Deck A out would be the stereo RCA output and Deck B the headphone out.
  2. tmccoy

    tmccoy Forum Member

    I would say yes, just with the two different physical connectors. Interesting concept if you own a Z1 - I'm curious if others agree with me,
  3. doncamillo

    doncamillo New Member

    would be very interesting for ma as a tango dj as well!!any solutions for that possibility?
  4. Abebe

    Abebe NI Product Owner

    Since I bought my z1 I used it only one time with my iPad for the rest of the time am using it as a sound card with traktor pro 2 it is a lovely sexy-looking little mixer for sure in combination with it's stand. :)