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Version 1.5?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Erwin78, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. Erwin78

    Erwin78 NI Product Owner

    Why is it called 1.5 and not 1.2?
    Is this marketing strategy to get to version 2 sooner?
    I am sure NI is roadmap ready for the development of Maschine but I hope we will stick to v1 for a while.
  2. taoyoyo

    taoyoyo NI Product Owner

    Probably because it has a rich feature leap from 1.1?
  3. jonespnice

    jonespnice NI Product Owner

    Or probably because they are already working on version 2 (maybe just in the idea phase) and the 1.5 update is the last one before the version 2 update that will probably be out in April/May.
  4. rocadaburn

    rocadaburn Forum Member

    mhhh - :S it took them about 6 months (from announcement to release) for 1.1.
    as 1.5 was mentioned together with the release of 1.1., but 'officially' development announcement of 1.5 was 4th of december.

    I think it will take another 6 months to finish (and if it should be faster, than to finish and bugfix after release) the 1.5 Version.
    I really hope that Version <Insert Release number of major bug free version including timestretching> will be available in summer 2010 :p
  5. Christian Provenzo

    Christian Provenzo Forum Member

    1.1 to 1.5?

    Not that it really matters, but I was just wondering how we went from 1.1 to the next update which is supposed to be 1.5.......I like the features mentioned though.....but I'd really like to see them add more outputs before adding a bunch of other stuff.....and I'd really like to see some info on the fixes....
Thread Status:
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