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Version Uploaded (Early Beta)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO PUBLIC BETA TEST' started by Friedemann @ NI, May 5, 2021.

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  1. Friedemann @ NI

    Friedemann @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Dear Traktorists,

    We are very pleased and excited to share an early beta version of TRAKTOR PRO 3.5, which will integrate the Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK streaming services.

    As the name indicates, this early beta version is still unfinished and has some outstanding stability issues. So now, more than ever, use this version with the usual precautions: back up your data beforehand and follow the instructions in the attached PDF.

    The PDF also includes a list of all the known issues we have already identified as well as a short manual about how to use the new features.

    Early beta also means that there will be more beta versions soon. There may even be some as early as next week, because several of the known issues have already been fixed internally but have not yet been merged to the stable codebase.

    Test Focus:
    If you are already a Beatport LINK or Beatsource LINK subscriber, you can now use tracks from the entire Beatport or Beatsource catalogues in your usual TRAKTOR workflows by creating playlists, establishing beat grids, and setting hot cues. There should be no difference between using these tracks and your locally stored tracks.

    As we had to change TRAKTOR's core functionality to implement the integration, also non Beatport/Beatsource users can seriously contribute to this beta test, by using the application in their usual workflows and reporting back any anomalies observed.

    There is a free trial offering for both services, which allows you to check out the experience free of charge for a limited period of time.

    Forum Policies:
    If you are new to the Public Beta Test, please read the Forum Policies first.

    Filing Bugs:
    As usual, when filing a bug, please:
    1. Check if you are on the latest beta version (we may release new betas every week).
    2. Check if the issue is already listed in the “known issues” section of the attached PDF.
    3. Try to reproduce the bug first in the current version (3.4.2).
    4. Describe your setup and the circumstances of the issue as precisely as possible.
    5. You can use the NI Support Tool, to collect all relevant information about your system and attach it to your bug report.
    Please make sure to read the attached PDF.

    Happy testing! We look forward to your feedback.

    The TRAKTOR Team

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