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Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by djwaxxy, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. djwaxxy

    djwaxxy NI Product Owner

    when im clicking on the files menu to navigate were i have my 3rd party and user kontakt folders kontakt hangs and is unusuable for upto 10 minutes or sometimes even longer.
    this is happening in standalone but is even worse when trying to do it in cubase 9 or any other daw,its really killing my workflow i just start getting ideas down then il have an idea to use one of my kontakt sounds then boom everything locks up until kontakt loads up then i find the sound im looking for load it play my part then if i want to open kontakt again it freezes yet again killing all momentum.

    this never happened until the last few updates and it seem its getting worse with each update.

    is there any way to stop this or a way i can have my kontakt user folder visable on my libaraies tab so i dont have to click on the files tab then navigate to were i want to go.
  2. David Das

    David Das Moderator Moderator

    Really strange. I wonder if there's some weird character there throwing it off.

    Question: when you first go to the Files tab (after the 10 minute hang), what do you see? Is it a list of your drives? Do any of your drives have weird character names? Look close. I think something must be up with your drives, because a 10 minute hang is not normal. The Files tab should work pretty much instantly.
  3. djwaxxy

    djwaxxy NI Product Owner

    ive been chatting to tech support and they know about the long load issue but i dont think they know why its doing it.
    my file system hasnt got any odd characters its just set out same way most people have it.
    i have my 3rd party kontakt stuff on a seperate internal hard drive.
    when i click on my files tab it says..
    ssd storage (j:)
    music programs (k:)
    samples (l:)

    all of my 3rd party kontakt files are on my drive named samples me it seems like everytime i open kontakt its reading everything on that drive and once finished it chills out and lets me get on with what im doing..its only been doing this the last few updates up until then it was fine and if i got back to a earlier version before 5.6 it loads and starts up as normal.
  4. djwaxxy

    djwaxxy NI Product Owner

    i think i might have fixed i said it seemed like kontakt was trying to read everything on that drive so i created a new folder on that sample drive .
    i then placed all the other items which had nothing to do with kontakt in it but left the kontakt folder out of it.i closed kontakt then reopened it and to my surprise it loaded lightning fast again.
    so from what has happened it seems kontakt was trying to read all the other folders and items but now theres only 2 folders on that drive it sees the folder labeled kontakt and has gone back to normal :)

    fingers crossed its all ok now :)

    if anyone else is experiencing same issue i have and native tech told me there alot of people having same issue then try what ive done .