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Very necessary suggestions!

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by kresbeatz, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. kresbeatz

    kresbeatz NI Product Owner

    1. Ability to save sample decks banks and autoload function (so if I worked on my set, shut down Trakor, and when I open it next time I wanna see same samples in sample decks that I used last time). And maybe you should do the Save Bank and Load Bank buttons for instant save\load all the 8 samples in sampledecks.

    2. Sample Decks triggering modes. We need option to toggle (like now - once pressed sample start to play, but if i press button again while sample playing Traktor just mutes this sample), direct (when pressing sample button sample retriggers from start - its very useful for drum sounds, sirens, shouts, etc.)

    3. When you have combination S4 + X1 should be ability to route FX buttons on S4 to control FX1 & FX2, while X1 controls FX3 & FX4 (in 4 Effects mode). Now I can just swap AB to CD in controller settings (x1), but if I do so I need to remap my S4 to have ability to use FX2 to A deck and FX1 on B deck (due present routing scheme). But if I do so I lose my LEDS on this buttons. I try to program it in mapping - no success (button just lit for a sec and dim)
  2. hzu

    hzu New Member

    +1 for the Sample deck improvements!
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