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Vestax Typhoon & Traktor Pro

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by deepsun, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. deepsun

    deepsun New Member

    I'm sure this may be out there in the forum somehwere but I couldn't really find it. This is a question for all of you Typhoon users who have upgraded to Pro. Did you have any issues getting the Typhoon to work with Pro? I'm considering the upgrade, but I would like to be aware of any issues ahead of time.
  2. Trav-da-traktor

    Trav-da-traktor Forum Member

    I'm kinda interested in how this goes also? I haven't got one of the controllers but am toyin with getting this as a compact travel companion until the S4 gets it's timecode mode or the NS7 gets support!

    I wouldn't be that fussed on running it with LE and would ideally just go straight for pro!

    I take it there's a pro mapping that comes with it as I notice vestax advertise a special deal to upgrade to pro?

    Think for the price it seems pretty decent! Given I could travel with this and my headphones sans soundcard
  3. zmonk1

    zmonk1 New Member

    I have the Vestax Typhoon and Traktor Pro Upgrade running on a Windows 7, Pentium Core 2 Duo, laptop.

    I jumped right to loading Traktor Pro so I can't answer any Traktor LE questions. The midi mappings and ASIO driver for the Typhoon were there after installing the current PRO updates and drivers disk.

    It works great on my laptop in Internal Mixer mode. I can control pretty much everything from the Typhoon and it sends everything from the laptop (Traktor Pro mixer) via the USB cable (the only thing I have connected to the laptop) through the Typhoon to the RCA outputs.

    The cool thing is... this all works with no after market power supply needed and I am still using the default 17ms latency setting! Traktor Pro's CPU usage bar stays at zero through an entire 5 hour set of DJing.

    I will soon be experimenting with reducing the latency since I am moving into using the Traktor Pro FX section and there is a delay between when I turn the FX knobs on the Typhoon and when the FX are actually heard! But currently I have no clicks, pops, or sound drops at 17 ms and all other Typhoon controls work instantaneously for me using the default mapping.

    I do want to say that Vestax doesn't have much in the way of user manual assistance though... such as the microphone input routing... I have the thing cranked on high and it barely can be heard over the music! I have a profession Shure microphone that works fine on my friends DJ equipment so I know the problem lies solely with the Vestax. I am currently researching other ways to mix the mic into the speaker path. Any suggestions?

    My next big discovery was that Traktor Pro gets an EPIC FAIL from me in the area of sound sample use. They have no Sample Bank like Serato Scratch Live! This is retarded since all the DJs I have encountered use hot-keyed sound effects for song transition purposes (fog horns, simple scratches, etc). Traktor Pro's rationale... Use Audacity or some other program to string a bunch of sound effects of similar type together into an MP3 then import and set Cue points. Now the big kicker... use up one of your C or D decks to produce those sounds! This may have been done on purpose, or laziness, or whatever... but you will see the users on this forum complaining about limited screen space with Traktor and to have them force you to open up (even in minimized view) the C and D decks just for simple 5-10 second sound sample use is just plain dumb!

    So my current, and directly related, problem centers around trying to get the C and D decks working (for sound sample use) without buying more equipment such as the audio 8 external box and such. I am currently preparing to experiment with the Internal and External mixer options as well as other software drivers... but it's not looking promising since the forums suggest that ASIO drivers are best for keeping the latency down and the one that I am working on only has 2 deck Internal and External options. I do have 4 deck options through the laptop soundcard drivers but they are not ASIO. I also originally tried using the Typhoons soundcard in External mixer mode but from what I remember it killed the headphone jack which I need for monitoring the next track to be played!

    The whole point of buying the Vestax was to have a very small/simple mobile setup. I am quickly finding, even for the "basic" DJ, that the Vestax Typhoon and Traktor Pro marriage may not be the best solution after all. I am sure Traktor's defense would be... "That's why there is a Pro version and an LE version; Pro was designed to be used on full pro DJ gear and not entry level midi controllers and basic laptop soundcards." But if that were totally true... they would have thought of Sample Banks a little harder since the PROs definately use those!

    In the end, no matter what equipment you buy... if you are using Traktor Pro... you most definately should own the Traktor Pro Bible if you want to have any chance of figuring these types of problems out without going crazy!

    Hope this helps some of you with your software and hardware decision making... and if there are any veteran moderators/users reading this... please, let me know of any work arounds to these struggles that I am having above.

  4. Sinjintek

    Sinjintek NI Product Owner

    SSL didn't offer the sample banks until only just over a year ago with v1.9, Traktor has offered 4 decks since...2006?

    Zmonk1...I know you mean well, but I don't think you know enough about DJing to really comment on such things. Definitely not enough to be disrespectful.

    (Fog Horn transitions? Seriously? I know DJs use these but that's just a cheap cop-out.)

    Honestly, if you want to complain...at least do Traktor the honor of buying hardware that's capable first. Your Typhoon is purely entry level gear....and your screen space is your own fault for buying a small screen, you have VERY little room to talk.
  5. zmonk1

    zmonk1 New Member

    I agree I have "little room" to talk but thats why I am a Newbie and this is what a forum is for... talking about the good and the bad in hopes that someone out there has answers or like thoughts so NI can see them for product development.

    I believe I gave a balanced comment on the subject... I specifically went to their defense about my entry level gear... so we will have to agree to disagree i guess.

    BTW, I have a 17inch Widescreen format Laptop... I am pretty sure thats higher than normal for Laptop DJs (at least the ones I have seen) with all the Mac Pros and Dell 1501 that I see... so when I say small (approx. 15") I mean them more than me!

    I appreciate your history lesson but providing no solutions to my issues with your post proves my point, a forum can be used merely to voice opinions as well.

    Happy mixing!
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010
  6. Sinjintek

    Sinjintek NI Product Owner

    i'm glad to see your response is polite and cordial...an improvement over use of terms such as "retarded/dumb" :) As for your wishes for sample decks, you may have overlooked the fact that this is a feature that will first be implemented in the S4 version of Traktor...and then later implemented into Traktor Pro.

    Please don't complain about the wait, try to understand that it is necessary to help bolster sales for the S4...which is an incredible product in it's own right, but this is a tough market (also remember Serato also held exclusive features in SSL to the TTM-57SL, so no unfair comparisons please).

    As for screen size...I still say that this is something that cannot be blamed on Traktor, it is the users responsibility to provide a screen that allows enough "real estate" to view everything. Traktor allows you plenty of options to configure what you see on screen to suit your needs...as well as shortcuts to switch to different screen views on the fly.

    I myself have used a 13" macbook and I have a 12" tabletPC that I've used for years with Traktor....obviously I can't see as much as I can on my 17" macbook Pro, but I've never been in the forum complaining about it.

    Aside from waiting for the new features, I'm not sure what anyone can suggest for you. Bear in mind that you do not need to have decks C&D viewable to use them...each offers you 8 hotcues for a total of 16, how many samples do you need? I only ask because your example was "fog horn" so I don't expect you as the hotcue drumming type. For $60 you can buy a Korg nanoPAD to access these hotcues (i've got a real nice .tsi i'll give you)...or you can do like we used to and just use a real sampler, I've got an old Boss SP-202 that I'll sell you :p

    In the end all I've really got to say is, please don't use the forum to make such unfounded accusations and arguments against Traktor/Native-Instruments. The last thing we need is a bunch of "newbies" running around trashing the product, just so a bunch of other newbies can read it and spread it around like it's gospel.

    don't be a hater.
  7. zmonk1

    zmonk1 New Member

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010
  8. Sinjintek

    Sinjintek NI Product Owner

    Actually it's not at all necessary to assign any deck to your crossfader. Decks unassigned will default to "full on".

    And, just my opinion, unless you were using Decks C & D already...it's not a waste.


    Try to be open minded...it's not often DJs have everything they want or need, especially in cases where you're on a budget (like with your Typhoon). With a little creativity you'll usually figure out a way to make things work. That's just the way it goes for us DJs
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