VJ Software working through or with Maschine software

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    VJ Software. I know this is way off from what Native Instruments does, but it would be a great help for performers with lightshows including a video screen.

    It could be done as a separate program that becomes a plugin or runs alongside Maschine 2.x.x, but it needs to synch up with the music/scenes/beat/etc. As a person performs, their choices might move the video along to their pacing and progress with scenes.

    1) Make it relatively simple.
    ... users must clip or mark video in a specific format/s so the video loads quickly and smoothly
    ... provide and encourage loops
    ... use a variety of transitions and allow for straight cuts or transition choices to rotate or hit on certain events/sounds

    2) Organize easily.
    ... have folders with names that describe clips to be used for certain performances
    ... have performances/songs access certain folders or files designated in a master prefs window
    ... folders should have names like "Bursts", "Transitions", "Graphics", "Photos", "Looping items", "Looping graphics", "Landscape videos", "People videos", "Dancers", etc.

    3) Clips should be randomized or shown in order, etc.

    4) Common preferences should be set for specific songs (3 second fade out to black at end, Burst to begin, etc).

    5) Speeds of video can be affected via beat of music.

    6) Allow prime clips to be linked to specific parts of songs, so the song will show a specific video clip when a specific scene/moment is triggered, instead of randomly choosing a new clip.

    I realize this might tax most computers, but by the time this is ever completed (assuming it isn't being worked on at the moment), the Intel 10nm chips will be highly optimized and most high-powered laptops could handle Maschine 2.x and a video program in live performances. LCD video curtains are also going to become cheaper and cheaper for higher resolution, making such a software desirable to live acts. For such curtains, 720 video is usually the max. they portray (and usually more like 100), so loading and crunching 30-40 small clips for a song shouldn't burden 16-64GB of memory. Naturally, video should be able to go to 1080 or even 4K in the near future.
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    Yes, it's a great idea, I like the way your thoughts go! I want to ask you as a specialist what you think about this project - vj loops , I think it's impressive!
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