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VST versus Standalone

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Byxx, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Byxx

    Byxx New Member

    Dear NI Community,

    Here are snapshots of a Komplete Kontrol Software used standalone and as a VST PlugIn. You can see that one instance is loading properly (Standalone), the other (VST) cannot load any instruments. I assigned some VST Folders in the DAW, where I could locate NI Installation spots. besides the standard VST Folders, which I try to populate only manually, NI installs a Native Instruments Folder also, which I added to the collection . I managed to recognize a prompt, saying to manually scan from within the VST PlugIn, which lead to no further success.
    Where is the problem for the VST PlugIn not loading content when working in the DAW?

    I use Samplitude Pro X4 on WIN 10


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  2. Slappz

    Slappz NI Product Owner

    Depending on your situation and plugin locations, you may need to run it with Administrative rights to scan the plugins. Have you tried that yet?