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WARNING: unknow execption during itunes import

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Muka-Muka, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Muka-Muka

    Muka-Muka New Member

    all was working fine and yesterday before a direct in a radio station Traktor, just whe is loading all tracks says this message...I was working from itunes bd from long time ago and now i can't!

    I updated the traktor to 1.2.7 and the same, traktor 2 demo the same, traktor 3.x the same... I uploaded now to itunes 10.6 and the same problem for all versions of traktor...

    I can see al my HD and real folders and mix without any problem, the big problem is because I have my selections on itunes and not on traktor

    Mccbook Pro i5 2,53Ghz 4GB RAM MacOS 10.6.8

    Thz in advance!
    **** FIXED **** but not working - checked all my last added tracks and anyone have any strange characters.
    After reading through some more posts, i have just fixed it. It was due to some of my tracks in iTunes having Chinese / Japanese characters in some of their Genres and Descriptions. Once i used iTunes to adjust what music Genre these tracks were in Traktor Scratch Pro reads the iTunes XML files correctly.

    I Hope this helps other people with the same issue.

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