Wave ring Controller and Cremona in Pro Tools CC Conflicts

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    The Wave ring is a cool little thing, sending CC data or notes using gesture and on-device buttons. When setting this up with Cremona Quartet in Pro Tools, I found that Cremona's default controllers won't work for some parameters in ProTools when using an external controller.
    ProTools reserves some CC #'s for itself:
    Cremona Quartet instruments suggest CC # 14 for Vibrato Intensity, and CC# 15 for Vibrato Width. This works fine if editing those lanes within ProTools, but those CC's incoming signals are reserved by Pro Tools for its own interface control.
    Next step - assigning "free" controllers to those controls. I chose the first free ones, 25 and 26.
    After assigning these in Kontakt, the handwritten automation on 14 and 15 stopped working... you need to add lanes for the new CC #'s. Then, I was able to record CC data via gesture....

    When assigning controllers in a Kontakt Multi while in Pro Tools - you'll see the connected control move only if the midi track that's playing through it is armed to record.

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    More info about Cremona in Pro Tools
    Before adding Kontakt to Pro Tools, make sure the following Pro Tools preferences are set:
    Preferences> Midi Tab> set Default Thru Instrument to First Selected Midi Track via the dropdown.
    - This lets controller data through regardless of the track’s record-arming state.
    Preferences>Mixing>check next to “Plugin Controls are Auto-Enabled.”
    - This enables ProTools to show the presets from Kontakt’s Host Automation tab in its Plugin Controls list.

    Some controls for Cremona work “out of the box,” including Volume, Expression, and Dynamics.

    In the Stradivari (and other Cremona Instruments), vibrato rate and vibrato intensity are assigned to CC #’s 15 and 14. In Pro Tools, these won’t work. They’re reserved by the application for application control, and won’t pass through data on those #’s from an external controller.

    The next open adjacent channels in Pro Tools are 25 and 26, so we’ll use those controllers instead, and connect them to the instrument using the “Learn” function in Kontakt, then open lanes for those CC#'s in Pro Tools to record automation.

    Vibrato Style can be automated only with the graphical tools in Pro Tools after selecting its lane from the instrument’s Host Automation list (displayed via the instrument name in the Automation Parameter selector dropdown). It’s not possible to connect external midi to a Host Automation parameter in Pro Tools, so unfortunately the Vibrato Style selection can't be connected to an external controller.
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