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Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by joemann002, Apr 4, 2013.

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    My friend has Traktor Scratch Pro on a 14" Toshiba laptop that is like 6 years old with just 512MB RAM, T2050 Intel processor 1.6GHz and everything is working good. When I connect my DJC4 to his laptop all is good and no waveform sutter and I can mix with out any hiccups.

    I installed the same version of Traktor on my recent laptop (2-3 years old) which is a 13.3" Toshiba, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5550 2GB RAM, but noticing the occasional waveform stutter every like 15-20 seconds for like a quick second. It does not affect the audio output, but it is frustrating indeed.

    Now my question is how come it works fine on my friend's laptop which is no much older and under powered, but on my newer laptop I get the waveform stutter happening. My laptop has the bare basics on it since I did a fresh install of Windows XP Pro operating system and just TP software on there. His laptop has Windows XP Media Center version.

    Anyone know how I can fix the stuttering problem with my laptop? The CPU usage is very low so I don't know why the waveform is doing the stuttering.
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    happens to a lot of ppl and usually audio is never affected.
    what graphic card do you have?
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    Well it is weird that it is happening to the newer laptop and not older one. Under Control Panel it shows it as an Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset and the newer laptop has a 965 version. You would think that the stuttering would be on the 945GM version and not the 965, but it's the opposite.

    You think I need to possibly turn off a few things on the newer laptop to stop the stuttering since it might have a few more features that might be working in the background..i.e. Bluetooth, etc. I don't know if it is actually on, but it does come with that feature and drivers are installed for it.
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    i have been affected by occasional waveform stuttering for years. on systems with onboard graphics, on system with dedicated graphics, on systems with NVIDIA graphics, and on systems with AMD graphics.

    it's happened with most TP2 versions for sure. as far as i can remember, even TP1 was affected by this.

    it's no big deal, i never bothered to report a bug to NI about this. but ideally, i wish NI would get this under control. traktor is a 2D application that's not graphics-intensive by any standard, not even in comparison to computer games more than five years old. i'd be curious to know which API NI uses. are they even using Direct 2D or Direct3D or are they still using archaic techniques such as GDI?
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    Only had this problem the first couple of days after a OS install 2 or 3 times. When OS system is setup properly this always disapeared for me.

    not sure if it is a gfx driver/card problem it could also be caused by a

    slow 5400 rpm hdd or partition wrong configured regarding OS and performance
    USB port/bus overload
    part in system that wants to save power
    part in OS that is given a higher system prioty than traktor.exe
    Cpu clocks down to save power
    System getting to hot when performing
    and so on...

    I dont think traktor performance is related to 2d fps anyway, but
    On my second traktor pc. I run with "windows basic display driver" as intel has not made a proper driver for gma 3600. The intel driver gives lower 2d fps in benchmarking than the windows default driver. I have yet not experienced any difference traktor sound expereince between drivers.
    But I belive a high 2d fps gives a better realtime view of traktor audioloadmeter and volume meter

    If there is any settings that can be changed in for gfx settings. make sure its is set to performance mode like every other part in pc ( usbport,hdd, powerprofile
    On some pc´s its possible to make some tweaks in bios to improve gfx, cpu etc.

    slow HDD with long respons time may also cause problems related to wave stutter when loading a track.
    to many files on C: drive may cause slow system on old pc. Keep partition clean of as much as possible and move track collection to another partition if possible ex D:
    try to disable "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed" on C:/ and other partitions
    If hdd runs with AHCI driver it will also perform faster/better than slow IDE driver
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    AFAIK it's an NI proprietary graphic engine from the last century. see, the state of every knob e.g. is a picture. this is why traktor - although not so much is "moving" - uses more graphic than younger dj software.
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    Interesting info. Thank you for this. Lean something every day as they say...