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    I also was skeptical about "Behringer". Of course, Behringer is not a sexy brand :) He build a lot of very cheap products and "copys" of famous Equipment. Normaly I tend to but "original" Equipment.
    But I saw the comparison between Behringer and the Moog Model D. And in my opinion the Behringer sounds like a old moog.

    The Minimoog is not a modern Instrument, but for me and many other people its the most important timelesss synth ever and he works also in modern productions. A simple sine wave with a bit cutoff /envelope sounds better than every other of those modern Synths and VIs.

    I work 95% with VIs and its hard to work with an analog synth which has no presets. Every time you created a sound its only for this moment. But for me this is a very good method of learning to create sounds and if I work on a Project I have to record/capture the sounds.

    I would never say that any kind of analog equipment makes your music really better. I think we all know that the result of a perfect production/mix depends on the people who made it and how the tracks are arranged and processed.
    But the workflow is very important for the creativity (therefore I love maschine) and I came to a point where I was completely overloaded with all those VI presets and I lost my relationship to all those "ready-to-use" sounds.

    In the past the best things I produced are the ones how included less sounds and sounds I created by my self (also with VIs). This reduction and
    personalization of sounds is the key to create cool tracks in every music genre.

    But you need time to use analog synths. If you actually have no time left I am sure your analog Equipment will be left untouched in your studio. We see this phenomenon in all those big studios where the pros mix much more with plug ins than with the original hardware they own.

    I try to take the time for this little machine ....
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