What do you use Kontakt for?

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by djanogil, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. djanogil

    djanogil Forum Member

    Lately, I've been considering buying new soft instruments, and realised that I don't use Kontakt a lot, or that when I do use it, it's a very basic use that probably doesn't make justice to the program; I usually just load a preset that I like and that's it, I probably adjust the effects and that's as far as it goes.
    To me Kontakt seems overkill now, because I find it too intimidating to delve into its real possibilities, and I don't think the supplied sounds are that good, for instance I can't find any piano sound that is usable in an album context, though I'm aware that most virtual pianos are weak.
    Anyway, I was just wondering how other Kontakt users use the program.
    Do you create a lot of personal programs, sampling your own stuff, or do you change existing ones?
    Do you use it as a sound module or more as programming tool?
  2. Patrick@Denman

    Patrick@Denman NI Product Owner

    Personally, I think that the sounds in KONTAKT are fabulous. The only limitations that I've found are in the range of articulations - but you just need more samples to address that issue. It's true that some of the presets are rather limited, but IMHO the pianos sound quite good.

    I mostly use presets, but I have created one instrument (Duduk) from a set of samples I purchased separately. The K3 Duduk doesn't sound as good as my own version. But I had to invest time in learning how KONTAKT really works to get it going. The thing that really made my instrument sound good was a more natural vibrato that is produced by a custom script.

    If you don't have it, I'd strongly recommend that you get the Tutorial DVD. It was created for K2, and if you've got K3 the user interface has quite a lot of new things in it but the essence is the same. The DVD is a fabulous piece of work, with close to 9 hours of tutorials, and it is well worth the time. KONTAKT is an amazingly sophisticated tool, and even if you don't use most of its features the tutorials help you to understand what is happening under the covers. You'll be able to get a lot more out of it.
  3. Orbit-50

    Orbit-50 NI Product Owner

    I use it to trigger my rendered synth loops and effect loops. I wish I could use Kontakt 3 as a full out synth but the filters used with any type of modulation are terrible and pretty much useless compared to any synth plugin out there. Including synth edit plugins! It pains me to say this about Kontakt 3. I've tried every which way to get rid of that whistling bird filter sound and have given up. I'm highly dissapointed with this poor filter behavior. Everything else is great though. - Orbit-50
  4. djanogil

    djanogil Forum Member


    No I didn't mean that the sounds are not good, there are some that are excellent, it just depends on what you're after.
    Personally, it's more multi sampled real instruments, and I think that the Rhodes and Wurli sounds for instance as well as the pianos are not very good at all, but that's just my opinion.
    On the other hand there are excellent sounds in the Orchestral folder.
    I believe the power of Kontakt is in its programming capabilities, and I'll have a look at the DVD tutorials, because it really feels overkill now, all these functions that I never use.
    Thanks for the replies.
  5. tombuur

    tombuur NI Product Owner

    I use Kontakt for samples of "real" instruments.

    Basically, I am setting up my own "band" for the music I make or to produce backing tracks for covers I play for fun. I sing and play guitars myself. The rest of the band has to be pretty constant as you would expect of a real band.

    In details, I use Scarbee Blue Bass for the bass, or play it myself on a Fender P-Bass that sounds the same. Then I use organs (maybe through Kontakt's siamese twin Kore 2), pianos and whatever occasional instruments are needed without deviating too much from the basic band and its instruments. For drums I use Toontrack.

    You could say I don't need Kontakt and loads of instruments for these modest requirements. But getting there takes a lot of auditioning, like when you try out several real instruments to find the one that suits you and has your preferred sound. In case of Toontrack I have almost everything they have produced just to find and put together the drumkit I like. During intial arranging I also use samples of guitars, but eventually I replace them with my own playing.
  6. sampleconstruct

    sampleconstruct NI Product Owner

    Besides using Kontakt as a preset player for various Libraries (especiallly Tonehammer stuff) I use it a lot for manipulating vocal/speech sounds chopping up the syllables with the Beat machine, editing strange loops with the Multi loop function or using Tone Machine for vocoder like stuff or stretching samples beyond their limits with time machine. Also I twist beats a lot with the zone envelopes, synced to the host tempo one can achieve incredibla results. Extreme transpositions of "found objects" also work well, as there is almost no aliasing in "perfect mode".
    Together with Alchemy, Absynth and Reaktor, Kontakt really is one of the powerhouses in my studio.
  7. The Hamburglar

    The Hamburglar New Member

    I make individual samples of awesome sounding, isolatable instruments in songs and arrange them chromatically to make new instruments...you could do this in other samplers, sure, but Kontakt's quick mapping and otherwise phenomenal interface make it 1000x easier.
  8. saintjoe

    saintjoe NI Product Owner

    mainly a sample library player... so many good libraries for kontakt, it has replaced my hardware rack style sampler...so it's basically a personalized sound module.

    that's the beauty of it, it's a sampler so you can do what you want. I use it to load all my programs I have from my mpc 4000, which includes drums as well as keygroups or multi sampled instruments... the 4000 hasa z8 sampler inside, so i used it as a sound module not just a drum machine.

    kontakt makes it easy to move to software, and if I want to go deeper and create my own samples I can.

    but I mainly use it to hold the wonderful sounds made by professionals :)
  9. MarioD

    MarioD NI Product Owner

    That is exactly how I use Kontakt.
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