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What I like and what I hate on S4 mk3 / Traktor Pro

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by Aquadics, Dec 17, 2021.

  1. Aquadics

    Aquadics NI Product Owner

    Traktor Kontrol S4 mk3 is a great DJ controller and there is no way around. Everything is integrating perfectly with Traktor Pro. All works without additional configuration out of the box. You only have to plug it in and you go. I really like this combination, and it makes a lot of fun.

    But if you want to get more you stuck within the proprietary system.

    There is no way to use S4 mk3 with another DJ software. :-(
    If you want to use S4 mk3 as an standalone mixer you have only access to the analog inputs as long as there is no computer connected.
    There could be much more possibilities like mapping Audio channels over USB and not only the Master Out.
    Without connected to a computer running Traktor Pro it's too limited.

    If you want to use other controller/hardware with Traktor and there is no existing mapping which fits your needs, you are forces to use this 90ths inspired MIDI mapping functionality which can get really cumbersome and unusable for complex mappings.

    So my wishes to Native Instruments and the Traktor team would be.

    - Make S4 mk3 usable with other DJ software. No matter if you provide an easy to user open SDK which is available on GitHub or a firmware update to enable direct MIDI out for S3 mk3

    - Improve the S4 mk3 standalone mixer mode to allow us to get full access to the 4 mixer channels over USB

    - Improve the MIDI Mapping in Traktor Pro and give us more options like SysEx messages and more.

    I think this is what I am missing the most but I know there are many things long requested and to add.
  2. Wyley

    Wyley NI Product Owner

    I believe it is the haptic jogs that NI is keeping close to their chests.

    This controller was designed to be Traktor’s proprietary flagship controller from the beginning with no option to change it from being that.

    Jogs are a sensitive issue between software companies.