Where can I buy an electric guitar?

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    I'm a university student, I enjoyed playing the piano when I was a student, but I was quite busy with my studies so I put them on hold. Now that I have more time, I want to practice more. I am looking to buy an electric guitar, to make it easier to perform and the sound will be better. Anyone have a place? introduce me to buy
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    Check out Glarrymusic.com and I’m not responsible for all the gear that you might buy lol

    Best wishes to you and yours and welcome back to the world of guitars!

    Glarry helped me with my return as well!
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    Always best is to go in a local store, they can help you to find the right guitar. And you support a local business, you can also later go to and get advice and maybe it's also a point for networking, meeting other musicians.

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  4. JesterMgee

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    Derringers Guitar Store...

    My guess tho is you don't live in Australia, or Adelaide so took a chance since that important detail is absent from your post.

    As above suggestion, things like physical instruments are something you kind of want to go and touch/feel because not all have the same weight, feeling, handling, size etc and some just click better than others especially since you will spend a LOT of time getting to know your first. A decent music store will have people that have been and done all of what you plan already and can offer some pretty decent advice.

    Otherwise look at second hand markets or pawn shops for a starter.
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