where to buy parts?

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  1. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    the sensor chip under the platter is gone!(the one for moving left right)
    i need to buy the part but dont know where.
    i contacted ni but they said they dont sell the part! and dont know wont say where i can buy it either! :(
    the only way is to send it to them for repair and wait 1-2 month.
    its a simple thing to change if you have it that takes no more than 5 min!
    to be honest i am disspointed , to why they wont sell the part simply!

    anyone knows where i can buy it? as ni wont sell the part for their own ...:angry:
  2. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    no one knows?
    its kind of stupid not to sell the parts to your customers ni!
    i guess you make more money this way and give more hassle to your customers!
  3. manoob

    manoob Forum Member


    why is ni even making hardware if they cant make a proper support system of their hardware!
    if i had bought a denon i could buy the parts , from them!
    but not at ni!
  4. dannybyrne29

    dannybyrne29 NI Product Owner

    that is a bit rubbish really..!
  5. Mystic38

    Mystic38 Forum Member

    I sympathise greatly, and would certainly say that had i known NI did not offer replacement parts I would not have purchased the S4..

    I own a number of keyboards & synths from Roland, Korg, Yamaha & Novation and they still offer, or will source for you, parts from keyboards obsoleted 5 years or more ago...and so i simply did not even consider that NI would have this approach..

    The best i can suggest is to look for any and all identifying markings on the affected parts and spend some time on the web.
  6. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    all this means more unhappy customers.
    there some really nice controllers coming out for this summer. which are better built too!
    this is my last piece of ni equipment. this summer going back to more well knowen hardware makers, numark,denon,vestax who all will have some nice new controllers out.the behringer 99£ units coming out this summer looks intresting as add on controllers too.
    i have heard itch is more reliable system than traktor from the guys in the shop.(never used itch before)
    i mean i have got an multicore option tikk on my tpro 2 (have an i7 sandybridge) and each time i put it on sound start to freeze! isnt that funny...
    ni keep add new stuff to traktor but forget to better things that are allready there.
    like fixing their eq quality. i rather have an better eq than more sample slots as the eq is more usefull !

    i guess the only way to get parts is buy another s4, which would just be a waste of money!:(
  7. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Yeah no parts sux. I had faith I could get parts if needed. Did you ask about them repairing it? I know that means being without it. But is that possible for a price?

    Oh but how is that part missing? Did you buy it used?
  8. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    i can send it for repair given i want to wait a couple of months and pay for transport, work done and parts! i rather buy a new controller than.
    and no i bhought it new just a little over a year a go!
    you see first the headphone jack stopped workjing 6 mionths a go, either i had to send in for repai and wait 1-2 months or just fix it in 20 min.
    i did the it.
    than when i took the usb cable off the back of s4 the orange plastic part came out with my usb cavble!(lo this thing is made like toy) so i changed the usb plug!
    a month a go the right platter suddentlig stopped to work , the top sensor is working but there is an sensor at under the platter which has gone ... and need to be replaced.
    i know a lot about electronics. anyway ni say they wont sell the part!
    i never owned a dj gear build so badley, even cheapest dj gear i had or controllers still works after years.
    for me to spend 100s on repair to send it ni just isnt worth the hassle of waiting and money spend!
    better off buying a new one, numark has got the new one which seems pretty cool. but than again i might just jump in to itch and controllers there.
    ni has been really dissopointing, they have forgotten how to treat their customers right!
    instead they just think by adding new features without fixing old problems is making them more money which it may do ....
  9. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    I agree the mass market for electronics is not the greatest. Although I thoroughly agree that no parts sux. And I cannot ease your pain. My first controller was an maudio xponent. Made really crappy and it was 600$usd.
    All the knobs started coming loose from the board causing volume jumps and even bumping it would cause problems.
    The ps3, xbox, well if you know electronics or not just anyone do a search almost all electronics are very advanced and do so much more than ten years ago. But many many cheap parts like usb connections and hdmi breaking. And good luck findong anyone to service them or sell the parts.

    No ease to your pain but I am running into this more and more.

    I am gusseing that the reason for the lack of parts is companies like NI that have electronics made for them keep just enough or swap out for repairs. while the rest stays in japan china korea. This is what keeps an s4 or ps3 or bluray player from being about twice the price and gives everyone a few more pennies per thousand units sold. Sad but true this is the electronics industry. We all want items for hundreds of dollars not thousands.

    This type of consumer market also eliminates items that have replaceable or ugrading parts.

    Again not bashing you in anyway. I dont feel good paying 1000$usd but then again still this thing does more than 2000$usd would have gave me 6-10yrs ago. So in that way I guess I get my money worth.
  10. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    6-10 years is a long way in how fast tech changes.
    ps3 parts arent that hard to get but they are well made and will work for years!
    for 1000$ now you get controllers that do the same more or less and are better built...
    vci-400 numark 4trak mc-6000 ....

    what kind of pisses me off about s4 is for 800£ piece of gear it has given me more problems than an 100 £ behringer controller which i use just as much.
    and really it wouldnt hurt ni if someone needed a part they just sell it with some profit to them(they would make some money). whats the difference anyway for them. if you send it for repair under warranty they just lose money anyway!
    if i had to send my s4 for repair under warranty, 1rst for headphone jack than for usb and now for this it could have been 4-5 months repair time for all of them together by now (3 times).
    and thats for owning little over a year an s4.

    on my denon unit i just called their repair center in uk once and bought a part for an old denon mixer couple of years back. it was as easy as an phonecall.

    i really dont see how this could hurt them, making a profitt , helping your customer at the same, does it really matter if the part is used at ni or sent out?
  11. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    I agree with you fully.
    My guess is the way they are having them made, off the line in (china or japan?)

    or they are just saving the parts they have for repairs themselves and not aiding in or incouraging the consumer or retailers to repair them on their own.

    If they sold parts you may be very capable, but the 14yr old and his grandad with duct tape and pliers may not.

    Plus I have taken this thing apart and it is quite easy to strip the screws or break the connections,...think of the ten thousand or so customers with no knowledge at all of circuit boards (grounding!) taking these things apart trying to replace jog sensors and such, and that may not even be the problem since the software or a crappy mapping or even a mixer or soundsystem could be to blame.

    I agree that parts are needed, but I am pretty sure people in general would only be more pissed and screaming at tech support more than its worth.

    I get your points though and mine is only speculation.

    I have a 4yr old kid and really it does not matter how much I spend or how good anything I buy is, he can break it, so yeah I really really really, would like the availability of parts.