1. Hi everyone,

    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

    Best wishes, 
    The NI Team

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Where to find your crash log files....

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by djquartz, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    If Traktor crashes on you and you need to submit a crash log with your support ticket, please read below.

    In Windows:

    You will need to turn on the Show Hidden Files option in order to see the folder.

    The extension of these files is .nicrash

    Through Explorer or My Computer locate the following folder,

    C:\Documents and Settings\<user folder>\Local Settings\Application Data\Native Instruments\Crashlogs

    <user folder> = Your Windows XP account user folder. Normally, it matches the login username depending on how XP was configured on installation.

    You could also use search and use *.nicrash as the filename.

    In MacOSX:

    You can find these log files in the folder,

    users/<user folder>/library/logs/crashreporter

    <user folder> = Will match the username you log in with.

    You could also perform a search for *.nicrash as well.

    These are the files that need to be attached to your support request ticket.
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