which preamp for guitar rig?

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by bosone, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. bosone

    bosone NI Product Owner

    i have GR from komplete 8 and i'm currently using a pod pro as a preamp , because i can enter in my rig via digital spdif. i use the "tube pre" model (on vamp) with minium gain and flat tone control.
    the results are good but i feel there is something still lacking in dynamics and tone.
    i also have a tb 202 preamp which i used in the past but that is too noisy to record a dry guitar and reamp.

    if i would plan to change the tb 202 preamp, which one would you sugget to achieve better / more professional results? with a budget of about 400-500 euro (used)?

    how do you record your dry guitars for guitar rig?
  2. mrzosonp

    mrzosonp Forum Member

    I have an apogee duet and it really brought guitar rig to life. Nice built in preamp and nice converters matter way more than I thought.
  3. litesnsirens

    litesnsirens Forum Member

    Apogee Duet is the cat's behind. I got the Duet 2 and I love it. Slick little device nice and portable if you use a laptop and as mrzosonp said the converters and preamps are top notch.
  4. bosone

    bosone NI Product Owner

    but this is also an audio card, right? i just need the preamp, i already got my favourite soundcard.
  5. BIF

    BIF NI Product Owner

    I like the PreSonus Blue Tube Duo (2 inputs and one 12AX7 tube), and I recently picked up (from a pawnshop) an ART Tube Pre which uses a 12AX7A. I haven't tested the ART yet, but I hope to this week.

    Both are portable, but it should be noted that they each require the use of an AC adapter/wall-wart. I hate wall-warts, so it's a love-hate relationship...
  6. PennyPlayer

    PennyPlayer New Member

    transparent preamps ( like the mic pres listed already) are a great choice, but if ultimately you are looking to boost the signal going into your 'favorite soundcard' you can use a simple line boost. There are several pedals available (and most can run on a 9 volt if you're concerned about the power supply noted above). Some examples are the Carl Martin Pedal, ZVEX SHO, or even an MXR microamp. I use the SHO (as the signal from my mic pre gets a little noisy when I use the dirty patches in GR) and it sounds awesome.

    just my .02
  7. atrafcomrades

    atrafcomrades Forum Member

    soundtoys, who make by far the best analogue-type effect plugins on the planet just released a pre-amp plug-in. if its anything like the rest of their stuff then its going to be amazing. check out the free version theyre giving out now. if you like it then youll get the deluxe version for next to NOTHING when it comes out. downloading now :)

  8. HelgaLopez

    HelgaLopez New Member

    BIF, I agree, I also own and really like PreSonus Blue Tube Duo... and what problems with wal-warts do you have? I am quite fine with them... why do you hate them?
  9. TheHobbit

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