Who's got the F1 already?

Discussion in 'KONTROL F1' started by bambamstudio, May 23, 2012.

  1. starr974

    starr974 Forum Member

    So, its mean, for play 8 samples, do you need 2 F1?
    If you have only 1 F1n you can play 1 sample by bank, so 4?
    right? i dont very understand... :|
    if its that, the S2/S4 did it alreay... :|

    i dont find a lot of video to explain the F1
  2. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    You can only play 4 samples per remix deck.
  3. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    no. shift+encoder changes the deck assignment.
  4. Daniel @ NI

    Daniel @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hi guys,
    Each Remix Deck supports up to 64 samples divided into 16 slots per page. Turning the encoder allows you to switch pages (you basically scroll down one page for each tick of the encoder).
    Simultaneously you can play 4 samples at the same time (one sample per column, per remix deck)

    The Kontrol F1 allows to switch to another Remix Deck by pressing shift and turning the encoder.

    That means:
    • Total of 4 Remix Decks
    • Total of 4 pages per Remix Deck
    • Total of 16 samples per page
    • Total of 256 samples loaded at once (plus one loop in the loop recorder :)
  5. rockthediscotheque

    rockthediscotheque NI Product Owner

    Got mine today! It lights up all pretty but there's no manual! I have no idea what to do. Help!

    EDIT: Found it! Right, that's tonight taken care of. ;-)
  6. Powtron

    Powtron New Member

    Where did you find the manual? I got my F1 last night and was starting to understand how to use it, but the manual would make this a LOT easier for me.

    I looked everywhere in my files and could not find it.

  7. rockthediscotheque

    rockthediscotheque NI Product Owner

    I'm on Windows, and it's in C>Program Files>Native Instruments>Traktor 2>Documentation

    {from memory, not at the computer now}
  8. Powtron

    Powtron New Member

    Thanks, I am on MAC...but I will keep looking :D
  9. oldgit

    oldgit NI Product Owner

    It's been on mine since Friday night. Just got to get hold of an F1
  10. Russ_

    Russ_ New Member

    I picked one up today. I use an S4 and the F1 really expands the capabilities on the remix decks. I'm debating on picking up a second F1 to control both remix decks at the same time. Amazing product as far as I am concerned.
  11. DJ+1

    DJ+1 New Member

    It just got delivered! Can't wait to open it!
  12. Philharmony

    Philharmony New Member

    ME.... and i say MONITOR BUG read my post and tell me if somebody else having the same problem
  13. fresnobob

    fresnobob Forum Member

    yes indeed

    got 2 last week in hong kong.
    i think they are a game changer, so much potential.
    if you have the dough, get 2. i dont work for NI BTW!
    best thing so far - they are designed so all the setting up
    is easy. read the manual! i eventually did and once you get
    under the bonnet you can go to town on the samples.
  14. akaMeeo

    akaMeeo New Member

    Picked up 2 at my Local GC yesterday. Really enjoying them.

    Build quality is great and i have not run into any major issues with them.

    Now i just gotta figure out what to do with my X1.
  15. superswenny

    superswenny New Member

    I intend to boy one. But one thing makes me curious: In all NI promo vids you can see 2 F1 controllers in addition to another hardware. Do I really need to by two F1s or can I use one controller for both remix decks?
  16. DJMisterC

    DJMisterC New Member

    After hitting a bit of a brick wall with my single F1, I have just climbed the top of my first hill, about 30 minutes ago it all came to me like a bolt of lightning!

    How you use them depends on what your playing, I'm mean i'm not Shiftie but working them into EDM wash't a problem once it came clear to me regarding work flow etc.

    For my style I think two will be much better if I want to do weekly 2/3 hour sets while switching up tracks, so I would say go for two but it's a personal choice..

    Enjoy :D:cool:
  17. Philharmony

    Philharmony New Member

    You can controll both remix Decks with one F1... just press shift and turn the Knob to switch between the remix decks... i have a mapping for my control x1 to controll them also... F1 is a very powerfull tool... just needs some updates...

    i can not reccomend for a proffesional DJ to go F1 in the Moment... to much bugs...
  18. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    cant confirm... have been several times been out without a hitch.
    (actually other betatesters were much more brave and versions ago already begging to be allowed going live)...
  19. toeknee0628

    toeknee0628 New Member

    true love

  20. Philharmony

    Philharmony New Member

    Yeah wasnt ment to be rude... Dont understand me wrong. I Love this product... i was wating since the first day they promoted it... preordered. But i am having this CPU trouble and crackles in the moment. I think my computer should be good enough for it.
    And the Monitor Bug is also not nice and i think unwanted... makes no sense...

    I mean put all faders down on the f1 press shift and monitor on one slot. it works perfect untill u use all 4 slots... its only working for 3 at the same time. but this in all varieties. Aber wie gesagt THIS PRODUCT ROCKS... just a few kinderkrankheiten :p