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Why all of sudden the "kore line is dead"

Discussion in 'KORE' started by hank44, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. hank44

    hank44 Account Suspended

    Just curious to know why some of you guys think the Kore 2 line is dead? I don't really understand. I read about this below. They put out Komplete 7 and they dont mention Kore 2 and now you the kore line is dead. If NI doesn't say anything, then all of sudden the product is discontinued. Maybe they are working on Kore 3? It baffles me why all of sudden "kore is dead". Look how long it took to update Reaktor. Stuff takes time guys....
  2. BurtaN

    BurtaN NI Product Owner

    Personally I don't believe, that Kore is being discontinued. I don't know the sells statistics but there have been lots of products built up around Kore (Soundpacks, Komplete claims to be "Kore ready") that there would be a very deep hole left, when Kore would be discontinued.

  3. amyhughes

    amyhughes NI Product Owner

    As long as I haven't bought it it's safe. As soon as I buy it they'll discontinue it. Gotta warn you: I'm thinking about buying it.
  4. hank44

    hank44 Account Suspended

    If they were going to discontinue it-why would they come out with Kore 1 and 2?Why would they leave the feature suggestion section up?
  5. vision-m

    vision-m NI Product Owner

    if you download the press kit for komplete 7 the package design contains a badge that says "KORE ready" near the top right corner of the box. yes, it is weird that the product info site for komplete 7 does not specifically say "kore ready", but i assume its only one of those stupid marketing mistakes ... aehm, i mean, it just was overlooked by the author(s) of the text for the product info site. or did i miss any official ni statement saying kore is dead?
  6. a1mixman

    a1mixman NI Product Owner

    What's up! I started the thread in question. And while I didn't think that Kore 2 was dead, it just found it odd that Kore 2 wasn't even being mentioned in the adds for Komplete 7.

    And for anybody thinking about getting Kore 2, I highly recommend it.
  7. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Of course it's not dead and there are Kore Soundline products in Komplete 7 so it does mention it. The fact is they appear to be concentrating on the Reaktor and Battery updates first - particularly the Reaktor one is a complicated update due to its age and complexity. Since Kore is heavily dependent on the Reaktor engine which is built into it, it would make sense to focus on getting that working and stable first before making any major changes to Kore, no?
  8. Funky D

    Funky D Forum Member

    Kore WILL become obsolete if they don't figure out a way to easily upgrade Koresounds when one of the engines is upgrade... maybe they already fixed this when upgrading the Koresounds for Komplete 6 compatibility?
  9. munichlondon

    munichlondon Forum Member

    Maybe Kore 2 wasn't selling as expected.

    They released Kore 1 that had a pretty new concept at that time.
    They significantly revamped it with Kore 2 (something they probably wouldn't have done, had the Kore 1 concept worked as intended), as if they wanted to give it one last chance.
    Maybe Kore 2 blew it...?

    To me it seems Kontakt is the better selling product for them. Just judging from the output rate of add-ons lately and comparing Kontakt 4 add-ons to Kore Sond-Packs you get the feeling NI changed their focus according to sales figures, which would make perfect sense.

    I hope they will prove me wrong though and there will be a Kore 3 soon. So far my budget didn't stretch for a Kore 2 based set-up, but if they release Kore 3 I will be very, very tempted to get it.
  10. b-righteous

    b-righteous Moderator Moderator

    NI already confirmed in another thread there will be an update coming for Kore with the most recent engines of Reaktor, Kontakt etc. Being that these are .x updates I doubt we will see a paid Kore 3 soon. Maybe a free 2.5? I still would like an "optional" upgraded controller more like Maschine.
  11. schrage musik

    schrage musik NI Product Owner

    What a wonderfully illogical argument. Something HAS to 'come out' to be discontinued. You can't discontinue something that's not there.

    And, as for the feature suggestion section, note that it does NOT appear to be acted on (the same as most NI feature suggestions). Why leave all the Vokator requests on-line etc etc.
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