Why can't 2 Z1 controllers be connected at the same time

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by Søren Nielsen, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Søren Nielsen

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    We are 2 dj's collaborating on one laptop and have been doing so for a long time.
    Currently using 2 x F1, 2 x X1, 1 x Maschine and wanted to use 2 x Z1 controllers to our setup, but it not possible. When we connect the second Z1 controller, the "driver" just switch to the controller. This both happens on OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and Windows 7...

    We really are surprises by this limitation… What is the idea behind it? All the Kontrol series is minded on flexibility and mobile setups… But not the Z1? Why?
  2. tmccoy

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    The issue might be that NI expected only one Z1 makes sense as sharing a crossfader doesnt make obvious sense, but that doesnt stop the Z1 Channel Faders and EQ being used on say Decks C & D on the second controller.

    Have you tried mapping the controller in MIDI mode?
  3. Søren Nielsen

    Søren Nielsen New Member

    Obvious dose it not make sense to use 2 crossfaders, but as you also point out, there is are really logic reason to use it as controller for Channel faders and EQ for deck C & D.

    It dose not matter to make a MIDI map, because it will only allow the last connected controller to work, even in MIDI mode. This is true for both OS X and Windows.

    Currently working on making a hijacking kext/driver that will load it as a generic USBMIDI for the "secondary" Z1, but NI have not made it easy, because that the controller expect some kind of information to allow the Z1 to go to MIDI mode (You have to go in to Traktor and set "Enable MIDI mode via MODE+Cue A+ Cua B"

    I've got a response from NI support, with a lame answer about the BIG complexity for them to make the driver to allow 2 of their mixing products to work at the same time, even if 1 of the controllers is in MIDI mode (BULLSHIT in MO)... When the easter is over, i will borrow and S4 and a Z2 and continue on programming a hijacking driver (It will be easy'er with the S4, then the Z1 and Z2, because of the nature of the MIDI mode)

    Hopefully i can make i simple proof of concept that will make NI "find" the resources to add a similar code till their own "drivers"...
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  4. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    Might be easier to see what they do in the X1mk2 driver because when I use 2 of them they show up as "x1mk2" and "x1mk2-1" ...

    I'll actually have a look at using 2 x Z1 myself as I can try with mine and our demo model at work.
  5. de wouzer

    de wouzer NI Product Owner

    I think you can assign midi to traktor with the second mixer...
  6. Søren Nielsen

    Søren Nielsen New Member

    De Wouzer : Not possible, when connecting the next Z1 controller it will deactivate the connected Z1 controller entirely...

    Frankie : The issue is that the X1 MKIII and the Z1 is depended on NI's Hardware Agent background application (NIHardwareAgent). The reverse engineering is very time consuming and time is not what i've have most...

    Why not just allow MIDI mode on multiply Z1 controllers and let the (advanced) users do the mapping them self...? The other side is that if any body saw the idea to use the Z1 controller to control some other MIDI software, then they will also get stuct at only using 1 Z1 controller... But why, NI?
  7. ThaDrizzle

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    Hello everyone, I myself have been in the market for a 4channel mixer and this was my 1st real feel of a mixer and sense have had time to mess with it on Traktor and now i want to do 4channel but see as how I cant afford one rite now i'll work with what i got or as some would say "why fix it if it aint broken" Found this cool mapping on djtechtools where you can use the Z1 as a four channel mixer. I gave it a go as i had nothing to lose and bam it works great so now i just need to get another x1 mk1 (cheaper) and that's my setup. here is the link.

  8. Henry Ohm

    Henry Ohm New Member

    Hello guys, i guess you can do it just by sending some MIDI messages from the second Z1 to a small arduino config and then from the arduino config code to the tracktor a non "extra traktor device" sending incoming MIDI message; i will up a video soon.

    Kins Regards