why does this patch keep cutting out?

Discussion in 'ABSYNTH' started by strikingtwice, Apr 15, 2013.

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    I've just had a play with this patch and the only conclusion I can arrive at is that is maxing out your CPU.

    I'm on a dual core 2.2 centrino and it can only handle 7 notes, so I assume that when you change chords, the previous notes release portions can no longer play out to the end, hence the abrupt cutting out.

    You don't say what computer you have, so it's impossible to say whether this is the problem but I suspect so.

    Absynth displays a CPU meter to the left of the IN and OUT indicators. Write a sequence where a note is added on each bar, building up a huge chord until you see your CPU max out in the Absynth display. This will give a rough indication of how much you can get out of Absynth on your computer. Of course it involves other factors, such as amount of Oscillators and modules, what effects are used etc. Delays will ramp up your CPU use dramatically on multiple voices.

    My workaround advice would be to record your chords singularly, freeze them with their release tails intact, then play them back on a sampler.

    Hope this helps. There may be better solutions and answers but this is mine.
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    Hi there, I've got the same problem. Notes don't play to the end, new notes stop them. I see CPU meter shows max. But polyphony is at maximum (64). There's no option for CPu protection, it seems. But! Rendering doesn't solve problem even when plugin knows it is rendering and mode is offline r.
    I'll try what sijarvis said, for now.
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    What preset are you using, Kostas1?
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    I'm using Mystic Voiceverbpad, a little bit modified. Turned down polyphony to 20 for playing 7-6 notes simultaneously though effect's the same.
    What could it be?
  6. LBH

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    It's a preset that put quite a load on a CPU core. I assume that's why it's by standard is set to use only 6 voices.
    If you actually need the many voices you have set for the sound, then you can be in need for a very fast CPU to manage. How fast is your CPU?

    A note is cut off if more voices than the set max voices are playing (All voices that's in a envelope phase including the release phase is counting as a played voice) - or if the CPU is overloaded.

    If you use more instances using the same sound for playing different notes, then you can spread the CPU load on more CPU cores.
    If you work in a DAW it might be a good idea also to freeze or transform the track/s using a CPU heavy sound like this to audio to free CPU ressources.
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    That's right, I made 2x voices for playing next chords +~2 to be safe but I agree with your point - 6 is the probably the best. They had an idea indeed. My CPU is not really fast, 4x cores but each lacks speed, I turned "multithreaded processing" on for single plugin, but will try multiplying plugins. What I don't get is why rendering is not smooth - what lags live is smooth at rendering.
    It seems single core has not enough power. Thanks