Why the Z1? We have been wanting the Z4 since the Z2 was released

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by rrutter81, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Stazbumpa

    Stazbumpa NI Product Owner

    It's "you're" actually ;-)

    Most NI product owners don't post in these forums, or YouTube or anywhere else. The majority of DJs don't use/need 4 channel mixers either. The niche market is more likely DJs who earn enough at gigs to drop something north of a grand (sterling) on a mixer. Anyway, as I said, it's nice little item that may suit a lot of DJs.

    Not you, obviously :)
  2. Abebe

    Abebe NI Product Owner

  3. 73*

    73* Forum Member

    At no point did I state that the Z1 was the epitome of mixers for me, but it does exactly what I need at this point in time and does so at a reasonable price.

    As for what would be the "epitome of mixers for me", it doesn't exist, but I'm not going to get into that right now...
  4. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    every product has its market... while the Z2 was clearly aimed at the scratch users, the Z1 is aimed at the traktor ipad app users.

    also, it makes sense to bring out such a little mixer for a modular combination with X1 and F1 for non-scratch traktor users - minimal setup, maximum impact.

    i think the idea is good and makes sense, although i personally dont know what i should do with it.
  5. Kav-Pou

    Kav-Pou Forum Member

    Think about it ...
    After the success of Traktor DJ, a lot of owner of it are certainly thinking about going further ... Hop Hop Hop.. one Z1..

    This product is a good marketing strategy because of the new market segment it open to NI with the Z1. This is also new future consumers for the others products..., S2, S4, Ect ...

    Finally, a Z4 would be a direct competitor to the Pioneer products, with who NI have a strong partnership (it seems like).
    Furthermore, Even if I'm currently looking for a 4 channel Mixer (Xone 92) I won't buy a Z4, except if there is enough connections, possibilities, with any easy connection for Maschine (5th Channel), with an easy sync ..

    My point of view.
  6. nomac

    nomac Forum Member

    This is definitely filling a niche, I would have gotten this long before I picked up the z2, perfect for integrating digital into an analogue setup thru an aux channel. And perfect for traveling light.
    My Dj setup from 10-15 years ago fit in the back of a van. Now I can rock a gig with a backpack. (Currently laptop, x1, x-session pro, launch pad, in-ear monitors, and fast track pro, mini wifi hub, and touch osc on iPhone or iPad )

    The z1 will replace the x-session and the fast track, but I'll keep the x-session around, just nice to have a few free knobs and faders.
  7. PiYo

    PiYo Forum Member

    Did not see that one coming. I was definitely expecting a Z4.

    But In my current situation, mostly doing guest DJs at (lounges/bars/clubs) this comes really handy. All the venues I guest in have Serato set up or the other guys come with their serato box. Less hassle for everyone to give me a channel. And I dont have to carry my A8 any longer. this with my X1&F1 will work great for me for those gigs.

    But for private events, i still need and extra gear for Mic output.
  8. smoovemode

    smoovemode Forum Member

    Absolutely...Vegas belongs to Serato and most of the Venues "get nervous" when you start "messing" with their gear. I will be doing guest sets too and it's either convert over to Serato or use "this thing". Its' funny they released this, I was almost going to change over to a Serato setup (Rane 62). Still might. But, at least this is an option.
  9. mujagawudakhi

    mujagawudakhi NI Product Owner

    will Z1 fader be able to replace it with mininnofader for example?
  10. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

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