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Solved Wider folder name length

Discussion in 'KONTROL D2' started by Quentin Pétel, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Quentin Pétel

    Quentin Pétel New Member

    Hi all !

    Just to share a thing that really annoy me on the folder screen on the D2, and the solution for those who cares.

    Initially the maximum length used for folder's name was like 50% of the screen width only... And as the psycopath I am, my naming convention for folders just don't fit at all: [Label [CAT_NUMBER]] Artist - Album [YEAR] [FORMAT] becomes [Label [CAT_NUMBER]] Ar...

    The solution :
    In qml > Screens > Views > Browser > ListDelegate.qml (row 95)

    // folder name
    Text {
    width: parent.width // 190

    With this little modification, folder names are now displayed full width.

    It could be nice however, to have a scrolling text upon selection. If somewone have an idea on how to implement it !?
  2. Nick Moon

    Nick Moon NI Product Owner

    Scrolling text in general is something I've been thinking about to handle a number of display challenges... I've seen some examples of how to implement it, and will probably try fairly soon. Your use case seems like an obvious place :) I'll let you know if I make any progress.
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  3. Nick Moon

    Nick Moon NI Product Owner

    I've made good progress with this - am considering adjusting the scrolling method a bit more to allow different scrolling methods (such as 1. right to left then back again 2. right to left then restart after delay 3. repeat scrolling or halt after x scrolls). Here's example in action, on my heavily modified screens, also working on track names too.

    Happy to share the code - is your browser code standard apart from the 1 change to ListDelegate.qml above?
  4. Quentin Pétel

    Quentin Pétel New Member

    Fantastique \o/ ! Yes it is standard if not the wider folder name length.
  5. Nick Moon

    Nick Moon NI Product Owner

    I've integrated Folder Name scrolling into the standard Traktor Pro v2.11.3 17 code; if you want to give it a try:

    1. Make sure you have a backup of the qml directory first (as always)
    2. Replace qml/Screens/Views/Browser/ListDelegate.qml with the ListDelegate.qml file in the attached Zip file (rename existing one first so easy to roll back change)
    3. Add new file - Marquee.qml - from the other attached Zip file to the qml/Screens/Views/Widgets folder

    The default values behaviour values for the Widget are:
      // properties widget consumer can set to control scrolling behaviour
      property int      scrollInterval:   250       // pause between each scroll movement (in ms)
      property int      scrollPause:      2500      // pause when scroll finished before restarting (in ms)
      property int      scrollSize:       -10       // number of pixels scrolled (expressed as negative value)
      property int      scrollFor:        0         // number of times scroll sequence should take place (0=unlimited)
      property int      scrollMode:       1         // 1=text scrolls repeatedly left (counts as +1 scroll) then right (counts as +1 scroll)
                                                    // 2=text scrolls left then resets to original position before restarting
      property int      scrollTolerance:  4         // adjustment to stop 'just on edge' scrolling (in px)
    So you can see how to adjust these values from where the widget is called, you will see in ListDelegate.qml I have changed the scrollMode to '2'.

    I'm also trying to make the change to the track/artist name page as well. Will post when successful!

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