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Will Maschine ever be able to do this?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Simon Smith, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith New Member

    I've been waiting 3+ years for this.

    I'm getting tired of creating duplicate 8/16 bar patterns that only differ by four beats so I can have unique fills (or cutting my 8 bar melodies/chord progressions into 2 bar phrases/patterns).


    Please tell me now so I can decide if I'm going to continue this relationship or move on.
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  2. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Welcome to the forum.
    Are you hoping for an official NI response to that? Good luck :D

    Seriously though... the focus now seems to be Audio Features, so I guess you are going to have to wait a little longer.
    I would much rather have an sequencer/arranger update first with features like the one you mentioned, but most(?) people seem to want audio tracks and real time time-stretch :(
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  3. Jiloo

    Jiloo NI Product Owner

    Seriously. Do not base your decisions on what you wish would happen. We don’t even know if such thing is on the road map.
    If there is another device that can do it - just switch to it and use it.

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  4. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

  5. toneyrome

    toneyrome NI Product Owner

    They're adding the song layer which I believe is a linear track. So you can perform drumrolls there.
  6. dreddiknight

    dreddiknight NI Product Owner

    Song layer will enable this, but it's been in beta for a long time now, so don't hold your breath.

    Also it's a slightly different paradigm to what we have right now so isn't exactly what you're asking for, but will fulfill that request.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  7. Asteryx

    Asteryx NI Product Owner

    +1 for arrangement flexibility. I'm not trying to start WWIII here, I really just want a better understanding and to learn something new as well. I do not sample a lot in my workflow today so chalk it up to my lack of experience. One of the main features I remember being pushed with Maschine was how easily you could sample and resample audio. I have not spent too much time on that but from what I've done, it seems rather doable with the current Maschine setup. While playing around I can pitch samples up and down, chop an audio sample to different pads etc I can also see using this approach to remix acapella tracks with the right amount of patience. What workflows and audio enhancements are the users who need better audio support expecting? In a perfect world, how would better audio support be used in your creative processes?
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  8. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    I agree with your first statement 100% I have learned it the hard way but we know it's on the road map, it was announced here almost a year ago.

    Are you sure you're allowed to make statements about what is or is not being beta tested in the public forum? It's unlikely that is allowed by the NDA but just asking...

    Many people want many different things...

    I assume most users want to drop/load loops and have them auto synced to the BPM, hear those loops at the project tempo while browsing them and be able to pitch shift those... people love sample packs and libraries.
    Users more into sample chopping want the ability to stretch chops in real-time.
    Others want it for remix purposes, simply drag an acapella and have it in a linear fashion across the arranger, but then again this would require a sequencer/arranger update. Then there are musicians who play real instruments who want the ability to record straight to Maschine like it's a DAW, linearly, this would also require a sequencer/arranger update.
    Then there are people who want to use Maschine as a looper for audio input (not sure why not just get a looper)
    Others might want warp points on samples, like Ableton (seriously doubt that will ever happen)
    The list goes on and on...
  9. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    fine, lets not call it a looper..

    lets just say, that when you place a sequencer event for a pad, and record a sample to that pad, it is a reasonable expectation that the sample plays back on the next pass through that pattern... as opposed to waiting for one full cycle and THEN playing back..

    i don't care that much about other looper functionality, but the above hardly seems an excessive request.. record a sample and use it..tis all :)

  10. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    @Mystic38 Indeed, that's is a very reasonable expectation, I might even say mandatory, there's no reason at all to wait for a full cycle!
  11. _ceone

    _ceone NI Product Owner

    I've been waiting 8+ years for this :) (Since maschine 1.1)
  12. dreddiknight

    dreddiknight NI Product Owner

    NI mistakenly released a beta to the public with song layer, so it's been discussed publicly since then. I am not adding anything new to this, just reiterating what is already in the public domain.
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  13. eclipxe

    eclipxe NI Product Owner

    Can't wait for this!
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  14. District Onagi

    District Onagi NI Product Owner

    Any decade now!
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  15. tempsperdu

    tempsperdu NI Product Owner

    Good to see at least one person is more optimistic than perhaps the rest of us :D
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  16. BezowinZ

    BezowinZ NI Product Owner

    1st KK12 info, now this? Starting to look like these are not mistakes. Or someone's nephew is getting fired soon.
  17. adic27

    adic27 NI Product Owner

    I mentioned this not to long ago and don't see how this is the way it is. Like NI just thinks for everyone and makes up our mind for us.

    The moderator gave some tips and suggestions but that just kinda got rid of one problem and created another. Was PISSED! just left the project alone smh
  18. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

    I get decent results...
  19. District Onagi

    District Onagi NI Product Owner

    I always wondered how you made that!

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