Will NI consider releasing projects of its demo tracks?

Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by keyman_sam, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. keyman_sam

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    NI has some seriously good demos with its Komplete products but when it lands in my hands somehow it doesn't sound all that great. :D
    So will NI consider releasing its demo projects - especially those "made with just one instance of a potato and some butter on the side".

    Please NI - I already love your maschine demos. Do the same for your other products. Release everything with a demo projects folder containing demos for Cubase/Logic/Pro Tools or whatever. It can't be THAT hard if they were midi based, to import in all daws and create project files for each.
  2. D-One

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    It would be cool to peek on those projects i got to admit.
    The demos have to be good enough to sell the products so they are made by hand picked professional musicians and sound designers, they are also payed for, thats why they sound better than most of everyone else using the product. Maybe not all authors want everyone looking at their production tricks, they probably deliver a mixed .Wav and not a project to the company.