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Will TP ever have Ableton-like warp markers?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by sparky sanchez, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. sparky sanchez

    sparky sanchez Forum Member

    I'm sure everyone has experienced the track that just won't fit the grid....you're pushing and pulling and some parts of your track are in time and others aren't. Wouldn't it be great if Traktor had the present (very respectable) auto-grid and gridding system AND an Ableton like ability to place and drag markers. I could take tracksinto Ableton, warp and export them but that means a destructive edit of the original file plus extra data....it would just be so good to have a marker/warp option.
    Any takers?
    oops, Feature Suggestions I guess! COuld a mod kindly move this for me? thanks
  2. mrpud

    mrpud Forum Member

    Personally when I come across these types of tracks I run them through ableton and push/pull the track until it stays on beat.

    I've seen tutorial suggesting you should set your downbeat then go to the end of the track and create a warp marker where you think the track should end. Just from experience DON'T use this method because if where you think the track should finish is wrong it will take for ever to put right without removing the warp marker at the end.

    What I like to do is get the downbeat set, then every 8 bars or so create a warp marker even if the track is still on beat, then when you do come to a section where it falls out, you've already 'pinned' the rest or the track so it will not be affected.

    Also don't forget to check the warp mode.
  3. sparky sanchez

    sparky sanchez Forum Member

    Thanks, yep that's the warping-in-Live way for sure...now if TP had warp markers we wouldn't have to upsize/downsize, duplicate etc etc. Also for people who don't only play 4/4 etc this is even more work to get tracks more easily mixable.
  4. Audio Slave

    Audio Slave NI Product Owner

    I am with you. I'am waiting for variables tempos in the same track too.
  5. vibes340

    vibes340 Forum Member

    Ain't we all
  6. P K

    P K Forum Member

    I don't think there is one person out there that wouldn't want this.

    Elastic beatgrids/warp markers-whatever its called. We Want it!

    Will TP ever.......? was the question

    unfortunately after years of people asking/wishing NI would even consider a feature like this...it seems their answer is NO, NO for now, or just NO, I don't think it will ever happen.

    Can't wait for Karlos or Freshfluke to jump in and repeat the NI's mantra.

    Honestly....Please....NI hook us up!
  7. Audio Slave

    Audio Slave NI Product Owner

    Some people here would tell you to mix by ears.
    For me, it's not only the Sync feature that become useless with unsteady tempos.
    All the live actions are affected (Loops,fx....)
    I really don't believe in a 2.xx release with variable gridding.
    But I hope for Traktor3 with variable beatgrid.
  8. frequencym

    frequencym NI Product Owner


    I mix with vinyl timecode and still warp all my vinyl rips to get clean loops and cues.
  9. sparky sanchez

    sparky sanchez Forum Member

    I can mix by ear but given that the technology and functionality is there I can't understand why such a major feature as grids is left to be used only by people who play machine-quantized music, or to be even more specific machine-quantised music bought digitally, as even 4/4 stuff recorded from vinyl is less than prefect on grids.
    It's such an obvious feature that would make the software much more attractive to a potentially wider number of people which = $$ for NI however you look at it.

    scratches head.....

    As this hasn't been moved to feature suggestions I'm going to make a thread there, please feel free to add your support if you would like this.
  10. PowerBSD

    PowerBSD Forum Member

  11. P K

    P K Forum Member

    Been mixing long before computers were involved in dj-ing, I don't use sync.

    TC vinyls and an X1 for hot cues are pretty much it. Would warp-style beatgridding get me to use sync? probably not, I love to scratch too much to forget about my tables. Someone like me doesn't benefit as much as controller only guys but I would like more accurate fx (especially with delays) and I can see a couple other ways I could benefit, like remixes (warp it in Traktor before getting to the DAW, which avoids Ableton, a program I don't own)

    Holding your (our?) breath for a warp-stylee in a 2.x.x version, I agree, might not be very healthy, I like the hope you have for ver.3
  12. Tube Designer

    Tube Designer Forum Member